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Words from the wise

Seniors give audition advice

Photo by Mindy Wildman Dr. Al Harrison conducts the wind ensemble.

Dr. Al Harrison conducts the wind ensemble. (Photo by Mindy Wildman)

By Grace Hooley | Echo

The Echo sat down with three seniors from different performance communities to reflect on their audition experiences and to offer advice to musicians and actors who may audition in the future. Here are a few words of wisdom from the students:

Senior Travis Theaderman, bass saxophone in the wind ensemble:

  1. “Don’t stress about it; practice and put your best foot forward.”
  2. “Pay attention during rehearsals and practice outside of class.”
  3. “Have an open mind.”

Senior Joyce Yu, alto 1 in Chorale:

  1. “Practice sight singing.”
  2. “Carry yourself well.”
  3. “Rest and take care of yourself.”

Senior Alexis Colón, Taylor Theatre cast member:

  1. “Directors want to work with people who listen well and work hard. If you come prepared with the things they asked for on the audition announcement and you have a positive attitude, your chances of getting the role you’d like will greatly increase.”
  2. “Pick audition pieces that highlight your strengths as a performer. If you don’t know your strengths, ask a friend to help you figure that out!”
  3. “Take your time in the audition room. There’s no need to rush through all your hard work.”
  4. “Remember that the people on the other side of that audition desk are rooting for you. They want you to do well, because if you do well, their job is easier.”

“Taylor Theatre (and other extracurriculars) is unique for a lot of reasons, and one of those is you don’t have to be a theatre major/minor to get involved,” Colón said. “Our casts are always fascinating because they’re groups of students from all fields of study and community members of all ages. So don’t let your lack of experience keep you from auditioning for something you think you’d enjoy! And if performing isn’t your thing, there are a hundred behind-the-scenes jobs you can be involved in.”

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