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Wing Wishes

Birthday celebrations in the dorms

By LeighAnn Wolle | Echo

Gone are the days of celebrating your birthday at school with cupcakes and Capri Sun. Now, your birthday is just another day on campus unless your friends help you celebrate! Wings and floors across campus have special traditions to celebrate their members.

echo-cakeSecond East Olson honors their women in style. On her special day, the birthday girl wears a pink sash. Once a month, the whole floor gathers in the lounge and shares Sunday Sundaes to celebrate that month’s birthdays.

Sophomore Maureen McGauran also shared about the special 21st birthday tradition: “At midnight we all get together in the lounge and have a little party. We blare music and dance around.”

First South English celebrates their birthday women in a couple of ways. For most birthdays, roommates will make treats and plan small gatherings that everyone on the wing is invited to attend.

Rachel Burns, a sophomore on First South, has a unique birthday that is not celebrated like the rest of those on her wing.

“There’s this one week at the end of April or beginning of May where there is a birthday almost every single day of the week,” Burns said. “So instead of having a bunch of little parties we have one really big, fun party! Last year, our community connection was kind enough to let us have the party at their house, which made it even more special.”

Third South English sophomore Joy Steckenriderloves participating in her wing’s birthday tradition. “The whole wing gathers at midnight to surprise the birthday girl in her room,” Steckenrider said.

Her roommate will then lead the wing in a special birthday chant, then the wing sings “Happy Birthday to You” as loudly as possible. The roommate also bakes a treat for the wing and everyone makes a card for the special day.

At least half of men’s wings and floors have no traditions surrounding birthdays. Second West Wengatz decided to change that. They have started “Pancakes for the Month.” At the end of every month, the men gather together and celebrate the birthdays of the month with pancakes.

Jake Smith, a junior, is excited for this new tradition. “It’s extremely fun because we are able to come together as a wing and celebrate the birthdays that might have gone unnoticed.”

If your wing doesn’t celebrate birthdays, here are a few ideas to celebrate your friends’ birthdays in and around Upland:

-Ivanhoes run: It is the most obvious thing to do, but put a fun twist on it! Buy some candles and stick them on top of your friend’s sundae.

-The Bridge: Going on a lunch or dinner date to the Bridge Cafe is a quiet way to celebrate your friend. You could buy him or her an item from their favorite local artist as well.

-Go to their favorite restaurant in Marion or Muncie: Although Upland does not have too many options for birthday meals, Marion and Muncie are just short drives away. Check ahead of time to see if the restaurant has any birthday freebies.

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