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Walking through “No Man’s Land”

The senior art exhibition will begin with an open reception this Friday.


Senior Felissa King prepares for the opening of “No Man’s Land” on Friday.

Senior Felissa King prepares for the opening of “No Man’s Land” on Friday.

By Becca Eis | Contributor

When the seniors from the art department sat down to determine a theme for this year’s exhibition, they realized it would be difficult to unify their individual styles. The artists worked in many different mediums, ranging from jewelry to sculpture to create their pieces. Nevertheless, the eight were able to reach a conclusion when they quickly recognized one thing they all have in common—they are all women. Inspired by this connection, the ladies settled on the theme “No Man’s Land,” giving each artist the freedom to create pieces for the show that expressed her distinct perspective.

This year’s exhibition will be on display in the Metcalf Gallery from today to April 1 with an opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m. this Friday. Attendees are welcome to come and go as they please; and yes, despite the title, men are welcome.

Even though the women embraced the opportunity to explore any idea they wanted, the wide range of possibilities left several of them baffled over how to begin. Normally, the students would be presented with a prompt, but as seniors, the women decided they needed to start defining their styles and concepts as artists outside of projects with specific guidelines.

“It’s a new challenge to go into it literally with no parameters and just say, ‘I can make anything! It’s a blank canvas, and I can do whatever I want,’” said senior Felissa King.

The women have been working on their pieces since the beginning of the year, finding individual themes to unify their work through trial and error. Despite their long-term labor, they learned to be flexible as deadlines approached and unanticipated obstacles emerged. Through these experiences, the seniors said they became better equipped to face the challenges they will experience as artists outside of Taylor.

When reflecting on their time at Taylor, specifically within the art department, the women expressed gratitude for their exposure to many different forms of art. While they might have come into the art department with a particular concentration in mind, some of the women later learned to love another medium through experimentation. In revealing these different types of art to students through required classes, they are given the opportunity to explore mediums and possibilities they had not considered before. The art department at Taylor has also allowed these women to grow in confidence and individuality, as well as mindfulness of the reasoning behind their art.

“The ideas that I have been interacting with in art paired with the ideas at Taylor in general have shaped my vision in how art can be in service to the kingdom,” King said.

The women anxiously anticipate Friday’s reception and are excited to share the cumulation of their work from this year, displaying their growth throughout their four years at Taylor.

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