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A voice worth hearing

The album of Taylor’s president-elect could reveal something about our future

President-Elect P. Lowell Haines, and his brothers Douglas and Terry, sing one of the songs from their album.

President-Elect P. Lowell Haines, and his brothers Douglas and Terry, sing one of the songs from their album.

By Laura Koenig | Echo

We know about his extensive legal experience and his current and future involvement at Taylor, but most of us have not heard about one of Taylor President-Elect P. Lowell Haines’s notable achievements—his path to musical stardom.

Haines, along with his brothers Douglas and Terry, recorded “Friday’s Highway,” an album that embodies Americana and country rock culture. Different studio guests include bass player Byron House, drummer Bryan Owings and award-winning record producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Clark.

The album, released in 2014, is complete with 12 tracks of harmonious vocals and soulful love songs. Even with a sturdy musical foundation and deep lyrics, a person cannot help but wonder if the words hold some foreshadowing about Taylor and the president-elect’s future. Let’s see what these songs can foresee.

Song: “The Rustler”

Quote: “To be a western cowboy is my dream. To ride upon a prairie and to camp beside a stream.”

Imagine waking up in the West, the sun rising over endless fields dotted with grazing cattle. With the imagery of tipping cowboy hats and spinning spurs, Haines declared his true dream.

Great news! Taylor is complete with a prairie and a stream! The prairie may be a little burnt right now, but the stream is steadily flowing through the middle of campus. Taylor is ready and waiting to help him achieve that cowboy dream.

Song: “It Clearly Calls me Back”

Quote: “It’s been so long since I’ve been traveling down rocky road in the rain by the shore.”

There is no shore, unless this is an allusion to Taylor Lake, but Haines is clearly referring to Devil’s Backbone. We now know his happy place and the one place he misses the most in Upland. This rocky road holds many more dangers in the rain though, which raises some concerns. We strongly advise checking road conditions before traveling.

Song: “Cleveland”

Quote: “Permanent relationships should last you for a while and should be ones that, like the sun, make you smile.”

These lyrics speak to the heart of Taylor. It’s like Haines and his brothers are singing this in chapel in front of the entire staff and student body. He desires a strong relationship with us: one that will bring joy and smiles. We appreciate and look forward to this new friendship.

In the next few months, President Eugene Habecker will say his goodbyes to Taylor by singing “I’ll have to see you in the arms of another man” (“Foolish again”), as the students begin to hum the tunes of “Friday’s Highway.” We look forward to welcoming Haines as president next year and are hoping he will grace us with a special live performance.

Listen to The Haines Bros’ album at thehainesbros.com/recordings.htm

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