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VIDEO: Airband—Behind The Scenes With The Seniors

A look at Airband through the eyes of those performing for the last time

Kari Travis | Echo

Video produced by Kevin Schillinger | Echo

Editor’s Note: As we promised in our opening editorial, this year The Echo will bring you visual stories from across campus. What better way to launch our new video feature series than with a behind-the-scenes look at the biggest campus event of the year? Join us as we find out what it took the senior class to practice and perform “Toy Story/Radioactive”  for their very last Airband.

Now that you’ve been behind the scenes, relive the show in our latest Storify. Your Tweets and photos tell the story of Airband 2013.

One Comment

  1. Kari,

    Great video article on the behind the scenes. It definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s been exciting to see how far the Echo has come since I was a Campus Editor in 1990-91.

    All my best to you and your team, as you continue to improve and expand,

    Michael Mortensen g91
    Director of FW Alumni & Friend Relations for Taylor

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