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Upland makes it on TV

PBS explores Upland in new documentary

Watching TV is a good bonding time with the boys. (Photograph by Ross Kimbrell)

Watching TV is a good bonding time with the boys. (Photograph by Ross Kimbrell)

By Clark Murray | Echo

A gathering will be held at the Community Building in Upland. The occasion? A chance for “Uplanders” to share the story of their small town. The television program, “Now Entering . . . Upland” will be aired as a documentary a few months later on local television, stemming from Muncie, Indiana. This documentary will supply an avenue for Upland residents to show what is so great about the little patch of heaven in the cornfields.

Both townies and Taylor University dwellers will be welcome to join at 7 p.m. on March 13.

“We often hear about what’s going on in our bigger cities, but we want to shine the spotlight on, to celebrate, the wonderful history, people and places of our small towns” said Michelle Kinsey of Western Indiana Public Broadcasting TV.

The concept for Now Entering has been used around the country. This program highlights small towns and the people that inhabit them. WIPB-TV will be placing their own spin on the documentary.

“Well, Taylor is such an amazing place, and it doesn’t get enough exposure because of it being in a small town,” said sophomore Josiah Greiner about the program.

The documentary will allow people to be exposed to Upland who would not be otherwise. Being a small town, media coverage is few and far between. This program offers a chance to increase tourism.

Participants are asked to bring their ideas to the meeting, and then be prepared to present their forms of media in photographs or videos at the filming event a month later. There, each person will be profiled, telling their story centered around the town.

“Our hope is that there will be multiple individuals from the community and the university who will consider taking part in this great opportunity,” said Ron Sutherland, special assistant to the president.

Anyone looking to share their Upland story should attend the meeting next week in order to show eastern Indiana the story of small towns.

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