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Thor is king

The god of thunder wins this contest

By Aubree DeVisser | Contributor

The question: is Captain America or Thor more attractive?

Graphic illustrated by Ian Proano

So, Thor and Captain America are in the same room. Which hero is more attractive?

To me, this is a no-brainer: Thor wins, hands down. Not only does he have an oversized, magical hammer, but his personality and character arc are spectacular.

He was the next in line to be king, but he didn’t get there like any other selfish, power-hungry prince. Sure, he started off selfish, but his father taught him a new perspective. It took him a few dangerous battles with creepy blue men and large creatures to figure it out, but he did. Yes, he made some bad decisions in the beginning. However, he learned from them and eventually became a great leader.  

Thor’s story also provides a great example of a father-son relationship. While they have their issues, Thor realizes in a short amount of time how important his father is. We watch him interact with his family and learn the importance of parental respect. We see what family means to Thor, which sets up the rest of the story. Captain America is just a scrawny boy desperate to be in the army.

Also, can Captain America claim to be born of a god on a different planet? Nope. All he has is some pseudoscience, a shield and a jacket from the 1940s.

At least Thor has some friends outside the Avengers. With Captain America, not so much—at least not friends his age. And no, Agent Coulson’s weird obsession with him does not count. All that to say, you can never really trust someone with no friends.

Thor has something worth fighting for: a girl. And one who’s not over 90 years old, I might add. Cap’s romance is heartwarming, but now, his girl is gone, and it’s hard to know what he’s fighting for. Thor risks his life and his planet for Jane. It can’t get much sweeter than that. Oh, wait! It does get sweeter—he goes back for her in the second movie. And can we acknowledge that his love for coffee is very relatable? If you haven’t seen “Thor,” that scene alone is worth watching: he smashes his mug on the ground and shouts, “This drink, I like it . . . Another!”

Let’s take a look at more of Thor’s best moments in “The Avengers” movies. In the first movie, Captain America is the damsel in distress until Thor swoops in and saves the day. That’s embarrassing.

In “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Cap tries and fails to lift Thor’s hammer, even if he manages to budge it. So whether it’s a matter of pure strength or some other magic trick, Captain America just doesn’t have it.

“Avengers: Infinity War” comes out in 2018, and I’m willing to bet Thor will outshine every other hero once again. If I haven’t convinced you of this superhero’s greatness, just go watch the movies. If your opinion doesn’t change, it’s wrong.

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