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Surviving the stampede

Things to do in the chapel line

By Lindsay Robinson | Echo

The construction of the new building is limiting chapel-goers’ exit options these days. With the majority of chapel attendees funneling through one door, things can get pretty crazy in the mornings. If the after-chapel traffic is dampening your uplifted spirit, maybe it’s time for a change of perspective. Here are a few ways to deal with the wait.

1)      Showcase your musical talents

Who said worship has to end in chapel? Or maybe you just want to show off your stellar vocal range. Bring your guitar and a tip jar and provide your fellow students with your vocal stylings. Belt the song of your choice and play your little heart out.

2)      Host a yoga class

There are five minutes until your class and you’re still in the chapel. You’re stressed, and stress is unhealthy. But yoga is scientifically proven to help increase relaxation, so take out your travel yoga mat and get a few of your friends to join the fun. Hold a warrior pose and reflect on the chapel message. Only positive things can come from taking a few minutes to relax. Just make sure not to block the path of those who don’t participate.

3)      Play Telephone

Think about how much cooler a game of whisper-down-the-lane will be with a group of thirty or more college students waiting to get out the door. Start a rumor such as “Habecker is giving out free donuts to the first thirty people to get out of this building.” Then step aside and watch the chaos ensue.

4)      Create an Escape Plan

Your one exit is blocked and flames are leaping out of the building—what do you do? Or maybe you are trying to avoid the person from last week’s pick-a-date. In either situation, how will you escape? Take this time to jot down a few possibilities.Then map out all possible exits. Follow the draft or that student in your class who always gets there before you.

5)      Flash-mob

Use your energetic personality to gather a group of people who will break it down with some impromptu choreography. Be sure to get a buddy to record the performance and upload it to YouTube. I see big things in your future.

6)     Pep Rally

You say “stressed!” I say “out!” Start a callback. Both therapeutic and community building, it’s sure to be a rousing success. You’ll also showcase those stellar leadership abilities.

7)       Make a friend

Strike up a conversation with your fellow disgruntled student. Depending on how this goes, you could also make an enemy. The morning can be a precarious time for making new friendships. However, chapel services should have the intentional community vibes going strong. Bring up topics like the weather, the new chapel setup or the likelihood of survival should the building burst into flames. Maybe show off your newly formed escape plan. All topics are bound to help you look like a well-informed student.

However you choose to spend your extra five hours in line, just know that it will be time well spent. This is one of those Taylor experiences you can talk about at a 30-year-reunion; one of those “back in my day we didn’t have teleportation and had to walk to class” stories.

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