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The Echo aims to represent the views of diverse voices on Taylor University’s campus fairly and without bias and to be a vehicle of accurate and pertinent information to the student body, faculty and staff. The Echo also aims to be a forum that fosters healthy discussion about relevant issues, acting as a catalyst for change on our campus. Student journalists have published The Echo weekly since 1913, except for January term, exam week and school holidays. The Echo is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, the Indiana Collegiate Press Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Evangelical Press Association.
The 2017-18 vision for The Echo is to contribute a credible, professional voice to discussions on campus, in the local community, across the nation and around the world. We will work to stay in touch with our audience, including students, faculty, alumni, prospective students and parents. The Echo will be Taylor’s first source for news, providing breaking coverage and a constant line of interactive campus communication. Echo articles will go beyond the basics and be written in original student voices and balanced coverage.
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“Taylor University attracts high caliber students and has struck a nice balance for training in news journalism. Students are encouraged to pursue on-the-job internships, and they also have an opportunity for a broad liberal arts education. I hope I keep running into them as candidates for the Pulliam Fellowship.”— Russ Pulliam