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I am thankful for…

Giving thanks for the random

By LeighAnn Wolle | Echo

Before heading out for Thanksgiving break, take a minute to think about what you are most thankful for at Taylor. It would be easy to come up with a list of cliché things students love about Taylor, but think for a minute longer. Taylor is a unique community. It is full of gifts both large and small.

Students around campus thought up what random, little gift they were most thankful for.trees_page


Kat Smith: Cindy in the psych department office making coffee

Hannah Boy: The birds in the Euler atrium


Hannah Williams: The number of trees around campus and living with girls from all four grades.

Marissa Gabel: Pick-a-dates and wing culture

Molly Lupton: The Taylor Woods


Bryce Peters: The multitudes of sidewalks on campus

Drew Cleaver: Paul Egenolf’s jawline

Derek Wanner: Class registration overrides

Tyler Gerig: The bathrooms at the KSAC with hand towels


Ruslan Horb: The burgers in the DC, because they are the source of life in that place

Makenzie Williams: The sunset(s) that my friends and I watch from Taylor Lake

Tali Valentine: The students who appreciate dad jokes and wear denim on denim

Giving thanks for the random is a great way to remind yourself of the little gifts God has given you. Take some time to make a list of your own. If you have a creative one, put it on Twitter with #tayloru and @TheEcho_Taylor!

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