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Taylor printers spark conversation

Should Taylor add printers to dorms?

Chrishauna Curry | Echo

Taylor’s wireless printing in Zondervan Library, the Reade Center and Euler is most students’ only source of printing.

Taylor’s student announcements has a survey that students can fill out making their voices heard concerning on-campus printing. Is printing from Reade or the Zondervan library sufficient, or should tuition include dorm printing? According to senior Harrison Vandernoord, the printing survey is part of a change project for associate professor of management Julie Little’s Organizational Behavior and Development class. Vandernoord’s class group believes that printers are necessary.

“Our goal is to gather research through surveys and interviews to build a case for adding printers,” Vandernoord said.

This survey poses the question of whether or not printing should be available in the front desk of dorms on campus. According to the survey results, 75 percent of students do not have a personal printer and 2/3 of students use the Library printers. When prompted about adding printers to dorms, 96 percent of students are in support.

Senior Harrison Vandernoord questions if dorms should have printers.

Senior Harrison Vandernoord questions if dorms should have printers.

Junior Lynreshay Johnson said that she has not been frequently printing this semester. Most of her assignments are turned in digitally on Blackboard. However, Johnson does not think that dorm printing should be included in Taylor’s tuition. Johnson believes assignments should be turned in digitally on Blackboard rather than having to print a hard copy. Johnson also said that it would be more convenient to have a personal printer as she has many hard copy assignments for classes.

Junior Mica Evans said that she strongly agrees with dorm printing. Evans said that sometimes the Zondervan Library or Reade is closed when she needs to print her papers.

“Sometimes students are up really late and can’t get into those buildings,” Evans said.

Evans said that she printed at least four times a week last semester. She noted that she is sometimes frustrated that her paper gets lost among the many printer users in the Reade student lounge.

Sophomore Maya Laytham said that she mostly uses her wing-mate’s printer. She stated how convenient it is not to have to walk across campus to print her papers. She sees where there is a need for dorm printing, but she is also concerned about what would happen in the event that the dorm printers are not working. She doesn’t know who would take responsibility for the repair of broken printers. Laytham also made a point that some dorms are larger than others. Dorms like Bergwall may need more printers than Gerig or English.

There is still an opportunity for Taylor students voice their opinions about whether or not on campus printing should be available in the dorms by following this link.

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