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Taylor music ensembles perform in Palm Sunday service

Carmel UMC unites with Taylor music department for unique service

Photo by Natalie Baker

Photo by Natalie Baker

Jori Hanna | Contributor

Taylor Wind Ensemble, Chorale and Taylor Ringers will be joining forces to provide a Palm Sunday service this coming weekend.

This will be a opportunity to experience worship in its various forms with a unique combination of music that may or may not normally be found in churches. There are services at 9 and 10:45 a.m. on Sunday, April 14 at Carmel United Methodist Church.

“It’s thrilling to get to be part of a collaborative event like this, in which we have three different types of musical ensembles coming together with the idea of congregational worship to create one big, beautiful song of worship,” sophomore Hannah Fortin said.

These music ensembles allow for a different perspective of music other than pop, worship or relaxation. Each experience allows Taylor students to be uniquely prepared to share God’s light no matter the circumstances, through instruments outside of mainstream popularity.

Junior Steven Christophersen views each performance as an opportunity to share with and love his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

“I absolutely love that I have the ability to serve my brothers and sisters in the ways that I can,” Christophersen said. “They may or may not be foreign, but they are a beautiful representation of the diversity of gifts in the Body, that our people are truly unique and precious.”

According to sophomore Drew Anderson, the music ensembles from Taylor will be performing between three and six songs with varying focuses on worship, reflection and praise.

Christophersen hopes this will be a time of joy, hope, praise and celebration as the end of the Lenten season draws near.

“We get to dive in and immerse ourselves in an incredibly rich tradition of music making that leads us back to the very foundation of music as we know it,” Christophersen said.

This will be a chance to worship God in an unconventional way and take part in one of the most beautiful times in the liturgical calendar.

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