Taylor hosts canned food drive
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Taylor hosts canned food drive

Dining Commons partners with Grant County Rescue Mission

By Ela Alvarado Luna | Contributor

Taylor University will be hosting a food drive on Oct. 812 in benefit of the Grant County Rescue Mission located in Marion.

The Grant County Rescue Mission has been around for more than 30 years, and their mission is to provide for the homeless, hungry and addicted in the Marion area. Last year alone, according to the Grant County Rescue Mission website, they provided over 58,817 hot meals for their residents and anyone who needed a plate of food. Shelter, transitional housing and addiction recovery is given to whoever is willing to stop by their door.

Students can participate in Taylor’s food drive by donating canned items, clothing, and other non-perishables.

They seek to not only provide food, but the word of salvation. As stated by the Grant County Rescue Mission website, this organization has a Christian-based recovery program that helps people struggling with the usage of drugs. For them, spiritual health is as much as a priority as it is their physical and mental health.

College life can be busy and opportunities to give back are not as accessible when one is a college student or professor. Anyone can take part of this food bank, so seize the chance! Marketing Coordinator Rebekah Smith thinks this is a great and easy opportunity to help with the local community.

“Beyond community plunge and other wing related events, sometimes there might not be a whole lot of opportunities to feel like you get to help the local communities, especially if you’re really busy,” Smith said.

This is not the first time that the Dining Services has supported the Grant County Rescue Mission. At the end of each semester, Taylor donates dairy products, perishable food and produce in benefit of this organization. The university also takes part in the Food Recovery Network; according to Nate Haugh, Food Service Director, students collect leftover food and give it away to local missions.

A white and red striped box will be located at the Dining Commons and the Larita Boren Campus Center all day, Monday through Friday. Whether it’s with non-perishables, canned items, clothing or any knickknacks in good condition, feel free to contribute to the cause.

The food bank is taking place amid the National Food Bank week. This week honors all the people who make food banks possible. It serves as a reminder that even though enough food is produced that no one should go hungry, 795 million people live with hunger on a daily basis, according to the World Food Programme.

“I’m looking forward to people from all walks of life being able to donate and help,” sophomore Ruth Brown said. “It’s especially good for college students who don’t necessarily feel like they can give out a lot of stuff.”

It’s not every day that an opportunity to blatantly give is presented to us. A can of food or an old sweater will go a long way in making a difference in these people’s lives, so get ready to celebrate National Food Bank week!

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