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Taylor honored among Christian universities

Faith on View ranks Taylor 16th

Sam Jones | Echo

Faith on View Taylor University was ranked 16th out of over 200 Christian colleges.

Faith on View ranked Taylor University 16th out of over 200 Christian colleges.

In a recent survey conducted by Faith on View, Taylor University was recognized as one of the top schools amongst other Christian universities.

Faith on View is a popular blog that analyzes religious art and academia, which includes the surveying of Christian colleges in America.

Faith on View ranks Christian institutions based on reputation, student satisfaction, faculty resources, and the selectivity of students.  With the survey including over 200 schools, Taylor was ranked 16th on the list.

In light of these four categories of ranking, and with Taylor placing so high on this list, Faith on View seemingly regards Taylor University in very high esteem.

The core of these rankings is an analysis of a university’s spiritual commitment. In order for a university to be recognized for this survey, they must first be recognized by other survey institutions, such as The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and The Newman Report.

The US News Best Colleges Ranking states that Taylor University’s student to professor ratio is 13:1, with 58 percent of classes having fewer than 20 people, and less than 5 percent of classes having more than 50 people. US News also disclosed that freshman retention rate averages at about 88 percent, a good reflection of student satisfaction within their first year of attendance.

The fourth category of the survey ― selectivity of students ― comes from students’ drive for success along with success in high school. It is not a scale of how many students are not admitted, according to the Faith on View website.

“The pedagogical concern in this section is how bright, motivated, and prepared students are to pursue college level work not how many students are not admitted,” the Faith on View said. As a result, while the acceptance rate is a part of the calculation here, more important are standardized test scores and student success in high school.”

The ranking of Taylor University in the recent Faith on View survey clearly reflects the quality of the institution, and matches with the rankings that Taylor has received in the past from various surveys and rankings.

Faith on View gives Taylor appropriate recognition for living out this mission as a campus, and is a sign of encouragement for Taylor to continue thriving as a Christian university.

“Being ranked 16th out of 204 institutions, Taylor University is effective in many areas,” senior Braden Ochs said. “I am proud to attend a university with values in not one prominent area of succession, but several areas. Taylor always stands out as a unique place with a culture unlike any other Christian university, and this greatly affects the way students learn and grow in their faith. I’m not surprised Taylor received a good ranking.”

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