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Taylor alumnus writes a children’s picture book

Book about a cat who won’t take a bath

Taylor alumnus writes book inspired by pet cat (Photo provided by layneihde.com)

Taylor alumnus writes book inspired by pet cat
(Photo provided by layneihde.com)

By Gabby Carlson | Echo

Nashville based Taylor alumnus Layne Ihde (’94) premieres his book publishing career with a children’s book, “Pippin No Lickin’,” this Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Ihde’s work is about a cat who refuses to take a bath and everyone around him is tired of smelling him. As a result, He gets all sorts of gross things stuck to his fur, such as Kazoos and butterflies.

The book lets the reader see Pippin learn from his mistakes and find out selfishness results in consequences, according to the book’s press kit.

Ihde has spent 20 years in the music industry, writing and performing songs, so his book is written in poetry and tetrameter, making each part of it rhyme effortlessly. This showcases the Dr. Seuss feel of his voice, making it imaginative and vibrant.

According to his website, Ihde based Pippin, his main character, off a cat he owned. “Pip,” his real cat, would come to him like a dog whenever he was called, and Ihde knew his cat would make a great story.

Humanizing animals is a technique that has drawn Ihde ever since reading “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Berenstain Bears.” When he decided to use Pip as his character, he was excited to use “fantastical” elements to bring his cat to life and human elements to tie themes to the reader’s life.

Ihde has been part of the music industry for twenty years and is also part of a band called The Happy Racers to make children’s music for the whole family to enjoy.

“Writing a song is like writing a children’s book,” Ihde said. “They are both shorter formats than say, a symphony or a novel. One has to establish characters, plot, problem and resolution within a relatively short time.”

In addition to his writing career, Ihde has written and published 40 songs, three albums and two EPs in independent labels and has performed them across the country.

The worldwide release of “Pippin No Lickin’” will have a special book launch event in the Cool Springs, Tenn. Barnes & Noble on Saturday, Nov. 24 at noon. “Pippin no Lickin’” is available on Amazon and in store.

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