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Taqueria Takeover

DC's new station takeover explained

By Emily Pawlowski | Echo

Students wait in line to get food from the Za’atar hummus bar that has taken over the Taqueria station.

Hummus and kebabs replaced burritos and nachos this week during the Hodson Dining Commons’ first station takeover.


The Za’atar hummus bar featured dishes inspired by the Middle East, North Africa and India. It was inspired by the recent trends involving Middle Eastern food.


“I really liked the concept and I like how creative it was to do that,” said senior Connor Salter. “It showed me that they’re trying to be creative and I think that’s great.”


The concept of the DC takeover was developed by Nathaniel Malone, the chef at the Taylor DC. He came up with the idea as a way to mix up the offerings found at often repetitive stations.


Malone hopes to do a takeover every two weeks, offering a different themed station every time. The DC will alternate between switching out the Taquería and Ciao for these temporary stations.


Responses to the takeover have been overwhelmingly positive. Many students appreciate the variety and the chance to try something new.


There are some concerns about the weeklong loss of mexican or italian, but most students aren’t too worried.


“I think we just have it so much that it’s not something that’s something super crazy to miss, especially since it’ll just come back.” senior Madi McKeough said.


The next takeover week will be homecoming week. The current theme planned is eggs, with each day featuring a dish focused around this protein.

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