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Alyssa tries to help us make it through finals so we can get to Christmas.

How to Use the University Library

The Dos and Don’ts of ZondervanBy Alyssa Roat | Echo Have you ever visited Zondervan Library? Some might answer, “Yes, I live there.” Some may never have stepped foot within its bookish doors. However, for veteran and newbie alike, there’s plenty to learn about how to use the library properly. […]

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The IT Express desk is the hot place for technology help and learning experience. (Photograph by Riley Hochstetler)

Revamping the stacks

Changes implemented to ZondervanBy: Chrysa Keenon | Echo The start of the new school year brings many departmental changes amongst numerous majors, and that includes Zondervan Library. This season, the library is implementing new staff procedures, payment processes and room layout changes to improve overall student experience. One of the most […]

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Searching for answers

Searching for answers

Students encouraged to embark on a research quest By Peyton Smith | Echo Zondervan Library is launching Finding Alexandria, a new undergraduate research competition aiming to inspire applicants to pursue their interests. The goal of the competition is to encourage participants to become familiar with and utilize library resources. Finding […]

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Dead phones are no more

Dead phones are no more

Zondervan Library continues to make strides towards electronically connecting students by providing a charging station for phones and tablets.

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