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Drew Shriner poses with his Crocs.

Croc Thoughts

Is worship music emotionally manipulative?By Drew Shriner | Echo As a natural cynic, I frequently find myself glancing around during chapel, skeptically wondering about the authenticity of everyone’s worship experience. Once, during a particularly strong bout of cynicism, I thought, “Am I really having an encounter with the Holy Spirit, […]

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The Well provides a safe place for students to exercise.

Winter blues got you down?

Exercise is good for the soulBy Gabby Carlson | Echo It’s February now and everyone has gotten over their New Year’s Resolutions. If you are one of the strong ones and are still eating spinach, running daily or sleeping eight hours a night, I applaud you. But most of us […]

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A gospel quartet comes to pay back roots. (Photograph from triumphantquartet.com)

A Triumphant band to visit Epworth UMC in Matthews

Gospel quartet will fill stage with sound and missionBy Chrysa Keenon | Echo It is not often that a quartet that has made the Top 40 as well as having six number 1 songs hit the charts comes to Matthews, Indiana. But for the Triumphant Quartet, it’s all about paying back […]

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Chapel bands bring worship to life every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.(Photograph by Ben Williams)

Six chapel bands unite Taylor community in worship

Discover the spirit behind the chapel bandsBy Elizabeth Hartmann & Ellie Tiemens | Echo Eyes closed, hands outstretched, voices lifted in awe of a mighty God. A thousand breaths singing the same song at the same time, in the same place, to the same God. Taylor united in worship. Welcome to […]

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Dance is a form of worship in Sufism

Dance is a form of worship in Sufism

Sufis are often misunderstoodBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor Have you ever seen photos or heard stories of twirling men with tall white hats and whirling white skirts? Sufism, a spiritual dimension of Islam, has faced discrimination, neglect and disparagement from both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Although to the onlooker Sufi […]

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‘Our theological starting point is God Himself’

‘Our theological starting point is God Himself’

Furthering the conversation on the purposes of chapelBy Kevin Diller | Faculty Contributor I want to thank Campus Pastor Jon Cavanagh and all the students who participated in the October chapel on chapel. I found it to be, as Rev. Cavanagh hoped, both inspirational and informative. I appreciated the moving […]

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‘Is chapel really worth the bang for our buck?’

‘Is chapel really worth the bang for our buck?’

Why chapel is still worth attendingBy Jimmy Schantz | Contributor Dear Taylor community, as a fellow paying customer of this university, I realize that going here would be a rather poor investment if I were to gain knowledge (and dare I say experiences) here that were only to be applied […]

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Meet this year’s chapel bands!

Meet this year’s chapel bands!

The names and faces behind our worship bandsBy Abigail Roberts | Echo It is no secret that worship is a key way to connect to the heart of God and return to Him the glory due his name. Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel Church, said, “If for no other reason […]

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An established church away from home could be a spiritual lifeline.

On choosing a church

Students offer pros and cons for five places of worship in the communityAsk any number of students, faculty or staff on campus, and they will tell you one of the most rewarding experiences during their time at Taylor has been attending their church. But with the number of churches in […]

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(L to R): senior Cassie Long, sophomores Ben Hood and Caleb Harlan, junior Graham Brown and sophomores Sophie Finlay, Zach Bassett and Drew Oller. Not pictured sophomore Bryson Shelor. (Photo by Elyse Horb)

Power of worship

A deeper look into the student worship teams we know and loveBy Rebecca A. Schriner | Echo Our chapel worship leaders are students, just like you! But they have the answers to many of your questions about what it’s like to praise and pray in front of the entire student body. […]

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