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Our View: Dashi or deli? Taylor community weighs in

Our View: Dashi or deli? Taylor community weighs in

You voted, and the results are inEditorial Board | Echo As was recently reported in The Echo, Dining Services decided to keep Dashi in the LaRita Boren Campus Center rather than switching it to a deli. The Echo’s Editorial Board recently took a vote on whether Dashi should remain or […]

by · February 23, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Opinion: ‘Power to the Polls’ focuses on intersectionality

Opinion: ‘Power to the Polls’ focuses on intersectionality

Our ViewBy Editorial Board | Echo In January, perhaps as many as 4,000 individuals in Indianapolis made their way from the American Legion Mall to the Indiana Statehouse. In 2017, many marched to protest the inauguration of President Trump, saying his previous comments about women, his disregard for the Environmental […]

by · February 9, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
The line to vote stretched to the poll location door at times (Photo by Naomi Page).

Decision Grant County

A local election briefBy Annabelle Blair | Echo Residents of the Upland area directly surrounding Taylor’s campus voted at Upland Community Church––the poll location for Jefferson 1st and 3rd precincts. The poll location remained open between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, with some election officials beginning work at […]

by · November 11, 2016 · Comments are Disabled · News
President-elect Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Photo by Flickr

Behind the Headlines

What a Trump presidency could mean for American foreign policyBy Wilson Alexander | Contributor Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 presidential election is a tremendous upset that has polarized America and the world. It also has the potential to significantly change some elements of U.S. foreign policy, especially relations with […]

by · November 11, 2016 · Comments are Disabled · News
Photograph by Halie Owens

Different levels of contribution

I have seen and experienced what a lack of voting and community involvement can doBy Matthew Garringer | Contributor Voting is important; it is a civic duty all citizens should strive to fulfill. As the saying goes, “Vote early and often.” Voting is also a right; it has taken a […]

by · November 4, 2016 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Photo credit Sterling32157

Pro-life conservatives have a new candidate

Evan McMullin is the man for the jobBy Amy Peterson | Faculty Contributor Photo credit Sterling32157 With the presidential election 10 days away, many Christian conservatives feel caught between a rock and a hard place. The Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is a less-than-ideal choice, lacking character, integrity and experience. As […]

by · October 28, 2016 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Wilson Alexander, the newest member of the news team

Behind the headlines: an in-depth analysis of international affairs

Colombia talks peaceBy Wilson Alexander | Contributor This is the first entry in a bi-weekly news column on world events. In a stunning upset that was reminiscent of the Brexit vote earlier this summer, citizens of Colombia rejected a peace treaty that would have ended the 52-year war between the […]

by · October 7, 2016 · Comments are Disabled · News
Voting is hard. Do it anyway.

We’re hiring a president

Turn out for whatBy Rosie Newman | Contributor   I know as much about politics as the next person. I’ve kept up with the election and try to make time every day to read the news, yet I often feel a little lost in the political game around me. It […]

by · February 26, 2016 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
All eyes on Scotland

All eyes on Scotland

Scottish independence polls have closed, and the world now awaits the results of the referendum that will decide the U.K.’s future.

by · September 22, 2014 · 0 comments · World/National

Global Engagement gets out the vote

Global Engagement and Residence Life are partnering for YOVO, You Only Vote Once (in college). The focus is to get people engaged in politics with convicted civility while offering different unbiased events around campus.

by · October 5, 2012 · 0 comments · Life & Times, News