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Robert Priest was one of thirty to speak on witchcraft accusations at a UN workshop held in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photograph provided by Robert Priest)

Human rights wronged

U.N. invites professor to speak at witchcraft accusation workshopBy Gabby Carlson | Echo Robert Priest, professor of anthropology, spoke at a United Nations (U.N.) Experts Workshop held in Geneva, Switzerland on Sept. 21-22. The workshop highlighted witchcraft accusations happening in Europe and Africa in today’s culture. Thirty experts were brought […]

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UN seeks new Secretary-General

UN seeks new Secretary-General

First time voting process made publicBy Seth Brandle | Contributor The United Nations (U.N.) will hold elections for the position of Secretary-General in a historic campaign between eight candidates. The Secretary-General is regarded as the face of the United Nations, setting the direction of the international body’s proposals. This makes […]

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Russia resumes Syrian airstrikes

Russia resumes Syrian airstrikes

Despite the recent agreement for ceasefire, Russia has continued attacks on SyriaJulia Camera | Contributor Russian warplanes soared through northern Syria, bombing rebel regimes and breaching the ceasefire on Sunday. The US and Russia instilled the ceasefire on Feb. 27 in hopes of bringing urgent support to parts of the […]

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The streets of Ukraine filled with rubble after intense protest.

Constitutional Amendments Spark Protests

Ukrainians flood the streets in protest of government sanctionsBy Joseph Johns | Contributor Far-right nationalist group Svoboda and Ukrainian police forces clashed in a new string of riots early last week. This conflict represents a continuation of last year’s unrest in Ukraine. The demonstrators that assembled in front of the […]

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US, China agree to landmark climate deal

US, China agree to landmark climate deal

In Wednesday’s historic deal, China and the U.S. agreed to cap and reduce their carbon emissions while increasing the use of renewable energy.

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