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Students hoping to learn are out of luck, but at least the chairs are comfy.

Senior Snooze-inar

Senior year is fun, but Senior Seminar is notBy Chris Yingling | Echo During my final months at Taylor, I’ve had the opportunity to look back on my last four years. I think of the friends I’ve met, the feats I’ve accomplished and the memories I’ve made. I’m thankful for so many […]

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Prevalent bike theft is a symptom of prevalent disrespect.

Me first

Habitual disrespect on campusBy Emily Brokaw | Contributor As the final chords of a reflective song in chapel end, I hold my breath. Five seconds later, a single “whoop” shatters the peaceful silence. Later in the week, my roommate comes home with a tale of how she saw the person […]

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Like the wind that blows through campus, the UPR had positive and negative effects.

Taylor Responds to the University Program Review

The UPR evokes a whirlwind of responses from the Taylor community  The wind that rips through campus is a pervasive reality at Taylor University, knocking students off sidewalks and leaving everyone’s hair tousled. But the wind has its upside too: students can windsurf on longboards and the turbines create renewable […]

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Moshier answered some but not all questions.

Communication without clarity

Taylor’s administration missed an opportunity to address campus’ concernsBy Julia Oller | Echo Over the past week, a cloud has settled over campus, and its shape closely resembles the letters U, P and R. Rumors surrounding the University Program Review (UPR) fell like fat raindrops several days before the official unveiling, […]

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Professors struggle for enthusiasm when faced with disengaged students.

Generally unengaged

Students’ lack of interest affects the quality of gen edsBy Michael Harbin | Faculty Contributor As a Foundational Core Curriculum (FCC) professor, I read with interest “General un-education” in last week’s newspaper. In many respects I agree with the author, Bekah Swank. However, having taught FCC courses for more than […]

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Overcommitted and under pressure.

You can’t have it all

Our intentionally over-involved communityBy Jeff Grogan | Copy Editor “How have you been?” “You know, busy.” “Yeah, me too.” I’ve had this conversation countless times over the past three years. I’ve been on both sides—felt the whole range from sympathy to indifference toward the other person. Truth be told, I […]

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Smashing cars is great, but what about challenging stereotypes?

No, bro

Men’s programming alienates some with gender stereotypesBy Austin Lindner | Echo I’m aware that I’m not your typical male. For me, going to a football game is about as much fun as watching a bunch of squirrels fighting over an acorn for three hours. I’m unashamed to admit that I took an […]

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Just another gender article?

Just another gender article?

Are our gender discussions alienating men?By Malaina Yoder | Contributor “Awesome. Yet another guilt-trip chapel.” My friend’s comment at the beginning of Wednesday’s chapel wasn’t the only one of its kind. If you didn’t come to chapel and didn’t hear about it afterward, Suzanne Burden, author of “Reclaiming Eve,” spoke […]

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Unless we specify a definition, we could all be talking about different things.

Sex, words and buffalo

Our definitions matterBy Davis Wetherell | Contributor The term “sexuality” does not mean a thing. This university talked about something meaningless for a whole week. Yet it was incredibly important. Let me first point out that the point of my pencil is different than the point of my words (which […]

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Commuters may struggle to find even basic information.

Out of the loop

The communication gap between Taylor and commutersBy Jessica L. Lehman | Contributor A few weeks ago, a friend and I were in her room doing homework. Seeing someone’s dorm room always interests me because I commute and have never lived on campus. On her chair lay a white towel with the […]

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