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Ken and Joanne Taylor celebrate the Christmas season with tradition and joy.

A Taylor Family Christmas Decorating Tradition

Ken and Joanne Taylor decorate for traditionGabby Carlson | Echo Before December rolls around the corner, Joanne Taylor starts bringing the Christmas decorations down from the attic. Each box brims with decor and is labeled for the room with which the contents will reside in for the next five weeks. […]

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Traditional glassblowers of the Middle East

Traditional glassblowers of the Middle East

A fiery artistry still burning strongBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor I was seven years old when I first visited a glassblowing workshop. Hidden away among the twisting and turning alleyways of Old Damascus, Syria, sat a centuries-old brick building. I sat for an hour mesmerized as the artisans inside took […]

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Opinion: Why the apology feels shallow

Opinion: Why the apology feels shallow

Excalibur issued an online edition SundayBy Halie Owens | Contributor Despite the many offenses around the distribution and publication of Excalibur, the thing that most troubled me was the apparent failure of the writers to admit their culpability. In their apology letter, they neither took credit for the pain and […]

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Freshman Sydney Smith cheeses at 2CO's open house Monday night.

House hunting

What you need to know about one of Taylor’s most popular traditionsBy Hannah Stumpf | Echo When the leaves start falling, it is time to start planning open houses. Usually themed, this is a chance for floors, wings or sometimes entire dorms to show some creativity to visiting students from […]

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If you live in a wing on Olson, this could be thrown at you.

Traditionally at Taylor

A peek at a handful of hall customs around campusTaylor and tradition both start with the letter T for a reason. From the odd game of watermelon tag known as Melon and Gourd to the ESPN-featured basketball game christened “Silent Night,” we have more tradition than a “Fiddler on the […]

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Braden Ochs is the Life and Times staff writer, always providing valuable material to the section.

Getting on the gravy boat

Things you should do for ThanksgivingBy Braden Ochs | Echo Many Thanksgiving traditions carry over from year to year, but there’s also room to experiment with new ideas. Here are some fun things to try at this year’s Thanksgiving feast: 1. Write a sonnet When your family sits around the […]

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Melons, Gourds and Running Boys

Melons, Gourds and Running Boys

A look into one of Taylor’s most popular traditions By Eric Andrews | Echo Horses, coffins and Noah’s Ark are not exactly commonplace when it comes to entering chapel . . . unless, of course, you are a man of Third West Wengatz during the week of Melon and Gourd. Today […]

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The third bi-annual Wes-Del Apocalypse took place on September 19, and included cheers such as "peel banana", the "rollercoaster" and more.

The return of the Warriors

Wes-Del Apocalypse returns for round threeChris Yingling | Echo Taylor traditions are sort of a big deal. While the Big Three (Silent Night, Airband and Taylathon) garner most of the attention on campus, the newest Taylor tradition shone last weekend. Saturday was the third bi-annual Wes-Del Apocalypse, held during a […]

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