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P. Lowell Haines encourages communication when it comes to difference of opinion regarding commencement.

Commencement stirs controversy

Pence sparks debateGabby Carlson | Co Editor in Chief The anticipated arrival of Vice President of the United States Mike Pence on campus presents mixed feelings among students, faculty and alumni. In the faculty meeting Thursday morning, P. Lowell Haines, Taylor University president, announced Pence as the 2019 commencement speaker. […]

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Photograph by Abigail Roberts

Greek myths meets modernity in ‘Metamorphoses’

Taylor Theatre explores Ovid’s classic poem onstageBy Emily Pawlowski | Echo A circular pool lay still, its waters offering a sense of serenity to the scene. It would be a perfect place to relax and dip one’s toes, if not for one detail. This pool was not in some peaceful […]

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Junior Andrew Baker and junior Brielle Fowlkes play lovers who face a distressing fate at the hands of the sea in “Metamorphoses”.

‘Metamorphoses’ pool bursts

Theatre incident brings people togetherBy Kipp Miller Students rehearsing Lyric Theatre’s “She Loves Me” rushed to the Rupp basement on a January night after an onstage prop pool for “Metamorphoses” burst. In full costumes and makeup, performers bailed water and rushed costumes to dry rooms. While Lyric Theater was preparing […]

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“Piano” hits the right notes

“Piano” hits the right notes

You’ve probably heard of “White Christmas,” “Anything You Can Do” and “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” But do you know who created them? Over his six-decade career Irving Berlin wrote 1,500 songs, from Broadway scores to sheet music. 64 of these songs are present in “I Love a Piano,” the latest production from Taylor Theatre. This fantastic musical boasts a talented cast, outstanding band and clear platform for Berlin’s views of the American dream.

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Senior Lucas Sweitzer potrays Tartuffe, seen here trying to seduce Elmire (played by junior Morgan Turner).

A topsy-turvy “Tartuffe”

A self-serving hypocrite manipulates a rich man with his fake religious piety and aggravates his family in “Tartuffe,” the 17th century French comedy brought to modern times by Taylor Theatre. Played out on outrageous set with even more outrageous costumes, the players show just how oblivious and laughable a family can be and allow the audiences to see their faults in themselves.

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“Death, thou shalt die”

“Death, thou shalt die”

Taylor Theatre shines with “Wit”By David Seaman | Echo Death. It haunts us, hangs over us. We fear confronting it, accepting it. The concept takes on many meanings. Is death a period, ending life as we have experienced it forever? Is it a comma, representing just a brief pause before […]

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