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‘Our theological starting point is God Himself’

‘Our theological starting point is God Himself’

Furthering the conversation on the purposes of chapelBy Kevin Diller | Faculty Contributor I want to thank Campus Pastor Jon Cavanagh and all the students who participated in the October chapel on chapel. I found it to be, as Rev. Cavanagh hoped, both inspirational and informative. I appreciated the moving […]

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Professor challenges lack of theological rationale

Professor challenges lack of theological rationale

The chapel gauntlet has been thrown down; will anyone pick it up?By Richard Smith | Faculty Contributor The other day, I read Hoback Fisher’s “Chapel: a letter from a concerned student” regarding the chapel program at Taylor. I was immediately struck that we had a student who was insightful, articulate […]

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(Photograph by Hannah Bolds) “A Theology of Race and Place” was released in late August 2016.

Holy information!

Student reviews professor’s theology book packed with theories on racial reconciliationBy Rebecca A. Schriner | Echo Who has more to say about racial reconciliation than a pastor serving in an urban community? Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology Andrew Draper published his book on the subject of race in late August 2016. […]

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Spiritual renewal messages left some listeners questioning Christians’ priorities.

Condemnation and mercy

A theology of domination or a theology of the cross?By Kevin Diller | Faculty Contributor Spiritual renewal talks this week brought us helpful and often poignant reminders of the preeminence of Christ in and for all things. Through Jesus, God is “loving us to life,” and there can be no […]

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Hawkins’ words inspire us to look deeper into our beliefs and how they affect our treatment of others.

Allah = Yahweh?

Doc Hawk carries a mixed bag of theologyBy Becca Robb | Echo   Professor Larycia Hawkins disturbed many Christian circles when she proposed in December that Muslims and Christians “worship the same God.” Though I admit that this statement seemed borderline heretical to me when I first read it, I’m more willing […]

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