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UN seeks new Secretary-General

UN seeks new Secretary-General

First time voting process made publicBy Seth Brandle | Contributor The United Nations (U.N.) will hold elections for the position of Secretary-General in a historic campaign between eight candidates. The Secretary-General is regarded as the face of the United Nations, setting the direction of the international body’s proposals. This makes […]

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CCCU graduates pray for each other in the face of the secular workforce.

Integration of faith and persecution

CCCU graduates suffer from lack of intentional community in the secular workforceBy Charnell Peters | Contributor Sarah Salvador, a recent graduate from Taylor, is experiencing a troubled transition into the secular workforce. She wants to minister Christ’s redemptive love and truth to a world in need, but she claims that her […]

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Neville won gold and bronze medals in the 2008 Olympics

Olympian Grit

Coach David Neville is going on FOX’s original TV show, “American Grit” By Connor Rowland | Contributor David Neville, already a highly decorated member of Taylor’s staff, continues adding accomplishments to his resume. Not every small NAIA school can boast a gold and bronze Olympic recipient head coach. Even fewer […]

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How to hide a million dollars

How to hide a million dollars

Panama Papers reveal allBy Joseph Johns | Echo World governments are reeling after the revelation of what is known as the Panama Papers. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) reported that the Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, set up shell companies, dormant accounts used to transfer money, for many high-ranking […]

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Students hoping to learn are out of luck, but at least the chairs are comfy.

Senior Snooze-inar

Senior year is fun, but Senior Seminar is notBy Chris Yingling | Echo During my final months at Taylor, I’ve had the opportunity to look back on my last four years. I think of the friends I’ve met, the feats I’ve accomplished and the memories I’ve made. I’m thankful for so many […]

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While at Taylor, Steve Etheridge switched between living on First West Wengatz and Penthouse.

Peeling back The Onion

Taylor alumnus’ journey to full-time comedy writingBy Gracie Fairfax | Echo For anyone who likes to make people laugh, a full-time job in comedy is often a distant dream. As a senior writer for Clickhole, a comedy website, this is Taylor alumnus Steve Etheridge’s (’10) reality. His career in comedy […]

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Kesha loses court battle

Kesha loses court battle

Sony insists Kesha retract allegationsBy Kaitie Christenberry | Echo Over the past months, Kesha Sebert battled Dr. Luke and Sony Music in court to be free from her recording contract. On Wednesday, the New York Supreme Court dismissed Kesha’s sexual assault claims against Dr. Luke in the Sebert v. Gottwald […]

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The rugby team won big last weekend.

The four-year payoff

Men’s rugby team wins first championship By Anna Oelerich | Contributor After four years of tenacious effort and faithful witness on and off the field, the men of Taylor’s rugby team now have a first-place trophy to celebrate. The team won their very first tournament last Saturday, becoming the champions of the […]

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Employees spent about 29 hours cleaning up debris from the fallen oak tree


Strong winds fell trees and inflict damage around campusBy Becca Robb | Echo Last Saturday, winds in excess of 60 mph swept through Upland and wreaked havoc on Taylor’s campus. Facilities Service Director Greg Eley, who’s lived in the area for nearly a decade, said this was the worst wind […]

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Seven Deadly Pranks

Seven Deadly Pranks

Pranks to pull and things to say on April Fools’ DayBy Gracie Fairfax | Echo April Fools’ Day is today, and if you haven’t planned ahead for this hilarious holiday, I am here to rescue you. Hopefully you’ve learned from your past mistakes, when playing pranks on your mom landed […]

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