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Feminism or gender equality?

Feminism or gender equality?

Feminism isn’t a dirty wordBy Kaitlyn Duchien | Contributor Feminism is a dirty word that carries negative connotations. Feminists are man-haters. Feminists don’t wear bras in public. Feminists aren’t grateful for the privileges they already have as women in society. At least, that’s what many assume about feminism. In reality, feminism […]

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Marketing students lose professor

Marketing students lose professor

Students transition into alternative marketing coursesBy Ellen Hershberger | Contributor On Wednesday, Feb. 1, David Anderson, associate professor of marketing, did not show up for his first day of class. Despite being scheduled before the semester began, all of Anderson’s spring classes have since been removed from the course registration […]

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Graphic provided by Derek Bender.

Silent griefs

Engage with the griefs of the third worldBy Luke A. Wildman | Opinions Editor We sat in a circle in my college dorm’s lobby, chatting after Bible study. “Did you hear about the explosion today?” someone asked. “Ten people killed. Terrorism. Isn’t that horrible?” Inside, I screamed. Death is always […]

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Chorale members enjoy last year’s Oscar-themed Valentine’s dinner and performance. (Photograph provided by Jess Miller)

“Love Me Tender: A Tribute to Elvis”

Taylor Sounds, Chorale and the Jungle Cats host Valentine’s Day Dinner and ConcertBy Grace Hooley | Echo “The King” is back! The Taylor Sounds and Chorale, featuring The Jungle Cats jazz band, will bring Elvis’s music back to life again. On Saturday, they will perform a “Love Me Tender” tribute concert […]

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(L to R) Seniors Savanna Sweeting and Yuna Seo. “The reason we believe stereotypes is because we don’t know much about (the people),” MECA Co-Leader Seo said (photo by Becca Robb).

It’s pronounced “Mecca”

MECA cabinet to inform campus about the Middle EastBy Becca Robb | Echo Students met Monday to revive the Middle Eastern Collegiate Association (MECA), a cabinet striving to engage with Middle Eastern culture, politics and religion. MECA hopes to host local Muslims at panel discussions and give students a chance to pose […]

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Long-distance comes with its share of struggles and successes, but it can work for some couples. (Photo by Ruth Orellana-Flores)

Campus-crossed love

The rewards and struggles of long-distance datingBy Brianna Kudisch & Megan Alms | Echo & Contributor  When two love-struck students are torn apart by attending different schools, it can certainly put an end to a lot of things. It’s the end of regular face-to-face conversations; it’s the end of studying together, spending […]

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Senior Sean Sele, juniors Alexis Turner and Erin Davis, sophomore Bradley Jensen and Freshman Brandt Maina perform after only one month of preparation.  (Photograph by Halie Owens)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

The Taylor Lyric Theatre produced an opera in a monthBy Hope Bolinger | Echo If you plan to forge a will in 1299 Florence, you might want to consider one of these easier goals: maintaining a 4.0 GPA, finding a spoon in the DC, riding a unicycle at Taylathon or entering a […]

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Photograph provided by Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe

Practical ways to help refugees

Christians should engage with the world’s sufferingBy Joseph Mosse | Contributor Four years ago, I was in Ukraine. It was a tense time. A revolution threatened to spark a civil war while Russia stirred ominously across the border. A heavy sense of uncertainty and fear settled on everything and everyone as […]

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Students once again find the bell tower surrounded by caution tape

Bricks without steel

Another brick falls from the Rice Bell TowerBy Hope Bolinger | Echo It seemed the bell tolled for itself on the last week of J-term. Students expressed annoyance when encountering the recent construction: “It was kind of sad seeing it all taped up,” sophomore Sadie Schultz said. “I was also […]

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Equality goes both ways

Challenging the lies

Women should fight for their right to truthBy Becca VanHorne | Contributor When I was in ninth grade, a male peer told me I was “not hot enough to rape.” Not only was this statement crude and hurtful, it also communicated a false truth about me. Sexism is an act of […]

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