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Grace Roselyn Kerlin (Middle) with Marylou and Eugene Habecker at the Kerlin Award ceremony in 2016.

Remembering Rosie

Taylor celebrates the life of Grace Roselyn Kerlin, visionary and friendBy Emily Rachelle Russell | Contributor This week, Taylor University remembers the life of former Chairwoman of Board of Trustees Grace Roselyn Kerlin (’55), or “Rosie,” who died Friday, April 21, after a battle with leukemia. Kerlin, the first female […]

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Photograph provided by Pax Ahimsa

Hear the stories

Appreciate Native American cultureBy Jayne Reinhiller | Contributor Growing up in the Dakotas, I consider Native American history and culture a point of pride. From drum circles and dances at powwows to beaded regalia, the diverse cultures of North America’s first inhabitants hold a special place in my heart. However, […]

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Graphic by Derek Bender

Maintaining Taylor brick by brick

How Taylor’s maintenance and facility budgets workBy Annabelle Blair | Echo In January, the door of the women’s restroom in Zondervan Library went missing for a few weeks; in February, the English laundry room flooded three times in one day; in March, chunks of roof shingles littered the ground around […]

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Senior Jessica Schulte, who plays Dolly Gallagher Levi, and senior Austin Linder, who plays Ambrose Kemper, perform during Wednesday’s dress rehearsal before the power outage. (Photograph by Hannah Bolds)

“The Matchmaker”

The theatre’s final performance for the school year By Matt DeLong | Faculty Contributor  Editor’s note: Due to the power outage yesterday, the reviewer was only able to view half the show, but he had access to the entire script. For students hurtling toward finals week, the aphorism “time is […]

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A brief but powerful wind storm blew into Upland last night, knocking out power across campus and throughout the south side of Upland. (Provided by: Nicole Skandalaris)

A stormy night

Taylor lost power in a recent wind stormBy Jeff Grogan | Echo Dark clouds formed a threatening front as a major storm system approached Taylor’s campus around 8:30 last night. The brief but violent wind storm knocked down a tree that damaged a transformer on East Berry street, causing power outages […]

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Photograph provided by Justin Ormont


Listen before you judgeBy Sean Sele | Contributor For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. In such instances as the Ferguson, Baltimore and Dakota Access Pipeline protests, it’s important to consider that the specific incident sparking each riot does not constitute the entirety of the cause. Oppression experienced by […]

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Photograph provided by Nathan Kiern.

When violence is the option

When is violence excusable and when is it necessary?By Jeff Mewhinney | Contributor Many of us have been raised looking up to nonviolent protest leaders, and that is not a bad thing. We learn quite a bit of long-suffering from the likes of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. We must not […]

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Andrea Conn, the Bergwall housekeeper, makes a full feast of desserts for students to enjoy the week before Christmas break. (Photo by Halie Owens)

Called to clean toilets

A snapshot of Bergwall’s housekeeper By Aubree DeVisser | Echo A calling that requires cleaning toilets? This may sound more like a simple day-to-day job some most, but to Andrea Conn, Bergwall’s housekeeper, it’s much more than that. She began working for Taylor to provide a college education for her […]

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Bringing health home

Bringing health home

Lalrin Pari’s dream to improve health care in Burma By Becca Robb | Echo  She arrived in America seven years ago with $50 and a dream to improve health care in her village of Khampat, Burma. Now, 23-year-old Lalrin Pari has a full-ride scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates […]

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One nation under nationalism

One nation under nationalism

America isn’t a Christian nation By Savanna Sweeting | Contributor America is not a Christian nation. “We are all complicit in the injustices against basic human rights and common decency, to put it mildly, which renders our own ‘inalienable rights’ as questionable or obsolete,” says artist Sufjan Stevens in an […]

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