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Photograph by Abigail Roberts

Greek myths meets modernity in ‘Metamorphoses’

Taylor Theatre explores Ovid’s classic poem onstageBy Emily Pawlowski | Echo A circular pool lay still, its waters offering a sense of serenity to the scene. It would be a perfect place to relax and dip one’s toes, if not for one detail. This pool was not in some peaceful […]

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(Graphic by Liam Brettenny)

Oscar nominee revisits the moon landing

Ryan Gosling is Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’By Landon Hilst | Echo “First Man” is directed by Damien Chazelle and stars Ryan Gosling in the role of legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong. Gosling plays a quiet and reserved Armstrong with very good emotional depth and realism. From his posture and mannerisms […]

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CoPro is Collaborate Programming.

Art Show ‘Meraki’

CoPro presents art galleryGrace Hooley | Echo Feb. 28 in the galleria of the library, CoPro (Collaborate Programming) presents the art show “Meraki.” “The title of the event is Meraki, which means ‘to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work,’” senior and […]

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Junior Andrew Baker and junior Brielle Fowlkes play lovers who face a distressing fate at the hands of the sea in “Metamorphoses”.

‘Metamorphoses’ pool bursts

Theatre incident brings people togetherBy Kipp Miller Students rehearsing Lyric Theatre’s “She Loves Me” rushed to the Rupp basement on a January night after an onstage prop pool for “Metamorphoses” burst. In full costumes and makeup, performers bailed water and rushed costumes to dry rooms. While Lyric Theater was preparing […]

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A student studies in her dorm room.

Our View: Dorms deteriorate

Taylor’s facilities need more attentionEditorial Board | Echo Taylor University was founded in 1846, and quite frankly, it seems as if some of the university buildings have not been renovated since that day. Leaks in the ceiling of Rupp, the lack of air conditioning in Wengatz, Olson and English, and […]

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Senior Danielle Toren and junior Sarah Bade are participants of the Open Hands finance program.

Open Hands pays participants back

Students earn money learning stewardshipBy Ellie Tiemens This spring, Taylor students will once again have the opportunity to participate in Open Hands, a finance program where they will learn about money while earning money of their own. “Open Hands Finance is a six-week personal finance curriculum designed to be run […]

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A student enjoys a quiet moment with some poetry.

Slow down with a daily poem

Why reading a poem every day is good for youChrysa Keenon | Echo E. Cummings. Emily Dickinson. Robert Frost. What do all these dead people have in common? They were all poets. And the work they completed is relevant to us today, even as media-hungry college students. A lot of […]

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President Donald Trump called for a state of emergency on Friday, February 15. Photo by Google.

Trump calls national state of emergency

President wants to build the wallGabby Carlson | The Echo In a televised conference on Friday, President Donald Trump called a state of emergency on our southern border. Within the day, the president had lawsuits filed against him. In the last two months, Trump asked Congress for 5.7 billion dollars […]

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Seniors Josh Clement and Julia Noonan, Student Body President and Vice President, will soon be passing the torch to the next generation. Photo by Brianna Kinsey.

Students begin new election

ICC, TSO elections a month awayJustin Chapman | The Echo Election week for Taylor officials is drawing closer as Spring semester continues to move forward. The campaigns for student body president, vice president, interclass council (ICC) and student senate begins on Mar. 27 at midnight. On April 3 people can […]

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Senior Emmanuel Boateng navigates campus on crutches.

Recognizing mental disability at Taylor

A series on disability awareness at TaylorKia Apple | Contributor Editorial Note: This article is the second in a three part series. “Members of Gen Z — people ages 15 to 21 — reported the worst mental health of any generation included in the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in […]

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