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Admissions CREW posing in style.

A high schooler came to visit and. . .

What to do when you’re hosting a Taylor prospectiveGabby Carlson | Echo Last week, around 60 high school students came into our dorm rooms, classes and lives for 24 hours. Taylor students had the job of showing them how wonderful this university is. But this can be difficult at a […]

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Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap

Local cafe facilitates community involvementBy Megan Herrema | Echo From researching sausage production to spending summer in Upland, Taylor students have discovered the Bridge Cafe is more than just a study spot with a relaxed vibe and a locally sourced menu; it’s an opportunity to engage with the Upland community. […]

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Building bridges

Bridge festival fosters community connectionBy Megan Herrema | Echo This weekend, the Matthews Lions Club will host its 46th Cumberland Covered Bridge Festival next to the last remaining covered bridge in Grant County. According to Festival Chairman Roger Richards, over 10,000 people attend the festival each year. “It brings the […]

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2016 Taylor alumna Tobi Ballantine goofs around with her father, Michael Ballantine.

Zika, the effects and affected

Taylor graduate Tobi Ballantine clears up the misconceptions behind the virusBy Katherine Yeager | Echo For Tobi Ballantine (’16), Zika became more than a buzzword. Eight days after returning from the Dominican Republic, Ballantine’s father, Michael Ballantine, contracted the Zika virus from an infected mosquito. After speaking with her father, […]

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“Don’t kick this bucket” list

“Don’t kick this bucket” list

What to do before leaving the cornfieldsBy Gabby Carlson | Echo A group of random students were asked what they want to do before they leave Taylor University. This was compiled into a “bucket list” for future generations to have for their personal use. Some had to consider the question for […]

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Freshman Jasmine Richardson washes a firetruck at the Upland Community Fire Department.

Plunging in

The tradition, growth and people of Community PlungeBy Katherine Yeager | Echo It’s 10:30 a.m. on a Monday in Upland. The streets are quiet, but the Upland Community Fire Department buzzes with activity. Don’t worry, there’s no emergency. Students and community volunteers donning matching gray T-shirts smile and soak each […]

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One of us is cuddly and loves food; the other one is a cat statue.

New year, new section

A letter from the editor By Anna Oelerich | Echo Dear Echo Reader, Welcome to campus, and welcome to the first Local & Indiana article of the year! If you’re a first-time Taylor student, you’re in good company—this portion of the newspaper is just as new as you are. Thus, […]

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The worst kind of touchdown

The worst kind of touchdown

Taylor students take shelter as tornadoes rip through Grant and Howard countiesBy Anna Oelerich | Echo Imagine it’s your first day back at Taylor, and you end up spending much of it in the basement. That’s what happened to many students and staff on Wednesday afternoon when a storm that […]

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President-Elect P. Lowell Haines, and his brothers Douglas and Terry, sing one of the songs from their album.

A voice worth hearing

The album of Taylor’s president-elect could reveal something about our future By Laura Koenig | Echo We know about his extensive legal experience and his current and future involvement at Taylor, but most of us have not heard about one of Taylor President-Elect P. Lowell Haines’s notable achievements—his path to musical […]

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Students will be able to choose between using "Dining Dollars" or meal swipes.

New Campus Center to change meal plans

Taylor’s new dining options to operate on “Dining Dollar” systemBy Cassidy Grom | Echo  “You wanna grab some noodles at LaRita’s?” said every future Taylor University student ever. Tuesday, as students continued to deliberate about the nickname of the new Campus Center (“LaRita’s” is currently winning in the online Echo […]

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