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The eight-year Syrian conflict

The eight-year Syrian conflict

Why did the U.S. strike Syria?By Abigail Roberts | Contributor On April 14, the U.S., U.K. and France carried out missile strikes on three sites associated with the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program. This move was in response to the recent chemical attack in Douma, Syria, a week earlier in […]

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Traditional glassblowers of the Middle East

Traditional glassblowers of the Middle East

A fiery artistry still burning strongBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor I was seven years old when I first visited a glassblowing workshop. Hidden away among the twisting and turning alleyways of Old Damascus, Syria, sat a centuries-old brick building. I sat for an hour mesmerized as the artisans inside took […]

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A cry for mercy from Syria

A cry for mercy from Syria

Rebel camp in Damascus still under siegeBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor Under siege since 2013, Eastern Ghouta is currently suffering from one of the heaviest attacks of Syria’s seven-year war. Eastern Ghouta is the last rebel stronghold in Damascus and is currently controlled by two main rebel factions, Faylaq al-Rahman […]

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Bree researches each story for her column, heartbeat by heartbeat. (Photograph by Ruth Flores-Orellana)

Bree’s Beat

Frozen hopeBy Bree Bailey | Contributor Frostbite covers three-year-old Sarah, leaving a large black scab across her non-smiling face. All she has known her whole life is the war raging in her home country of Syria for the past seven years. As she lays in the hospital with various tubes […]

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(L to R) Seniors Savanna Sweeting and Yuna Seo. “The reason we believe stereotypes is because we don’t know much about (the people),” MECA Co-Leader Seo said (photo by Becca Robb).

It’s pronounced “Mecca”

MECA cabinet to inform campus about the Middle EastBy Becca Robb | Echo Students met Monday to revive the Middle Eastern Collegiate Association (MECA), a cabinet striving to engage with Middle Eastern culture, politics and religion. MECA hopes to host local Muslims at panel discussions and give students a chance to pose […]

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Photograph provided by Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe

Practical ways to help refugees

Christians should engage with the world’s sufferingBy Joseph Mosse | Contributor Four years ago, I was in Ukraine. It was a tense time. A revolution threatened to spark a civil war while Russia stirred ominously across the border. A heavy sense of uncertainty and fear settled on everything and everyone as […]

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Airstrikes demolish hospital

Airstrikes demolish hospital

Russia denies responsibility for attackBy Kaitie Christenberry | Echo More than 60 people died in less than 24 hours in a wave of airstrikes Wednesday night across Aleppo, Syria. The attackers targeted a group of buildings, which included a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders and the International Committee for […]

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Russia resumes Syrian airstrikes

Russia resumes Syrian airstrikes

Despite the recent agreement for ceasefire, Russia has continued attacks on SyriaJulia Camera | Contributor Russian warplanes soared through northern Syria, bombing rebel regimes and breaching the ceasefire on Sunday. The US and Russia instilled the ceasefire on Feb. 27 in hopes of bringing urgent support to parts of the […]

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Tensions remain high as Russia investigates the downing of it's fighter jet.

Turkey downs Russian fighter jet

Russia cuts diplomatic ties with Turkey after destruction of Russian aircraftBy Seth Brandle | Contributor After Turkish military shot down a Russian warplane on the border of Turkey and Syria in late November, international tensions escalated amidst the growing Syrian conflict. Turkey claims that after the Russian plane entered Turkish […]

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Russia forms Axis of power

Russia forms Axis of power

Russia reaches an agreement with Syria, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah to share intelligence in the fight against ISIS By Joseph Johns | Echo The Iraqi Joint Operations Command has promised the country will “help and cooperate in collecting information about the terrorist group (ISIS), according to Al-Jazeera.The Iraqi military will be […]

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