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“I love sharing stories because it gives me the chance to relive an experience as well as give the other person a window into my life.”
––Allison White

Humans of TU

When outsiders are pulled into the familyBy Carly Wheeler | Contributor “I was outside crying just because it was really hard and I kept messing up and I couldn’t communicate with people,” junior Allison White said. “And my host dad came out and was trying to comfort me. He told […]

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(L to R) Sophomore Doménica Farfán, junior Gabriela Serrano, sophomore Daniel Delgado, senior Cristina Alvarado, sophomore Carla Sarmiento, senior María José Correa and junior Cristina Lalama have all experienced U.S. culture through the lens of Taylor students the past three weeks. (Photograph by Ellie Bookmyer)

Campus community spans cultural borders

Ecuadorian students spend a month at TaylorBy Becca Eis | Echo Each January, Taylor students travel around the world to experience different cultures. But what does it look like when students study abroad in Upland? Taylor University’s Discover program invites a select group of students from Universidad del Azuay in […]

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The six Ecuadorian students part of Discover include: (L to R) Juan Vintimilla, Paulina Salamea, Belen Maldonado, Cristina Cordova, Rafaela Ruiz and Daniela Ledesma. (Photo provided by Juan Vintimilla)

A month in the states

Ecuadorian students share their experiences of Taylor By Aubree DeVisser | Echo “In the beginning I was not very sure about it, but then I convinced myself,” Daniella Ledesma, a sophomore business major, said. She might have been uncertain about coming to Taylor at first, but now she’s not quite […]

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Ireland in all of its beauty is a home away from home to some Taylor students

Home away from home

Readjusting after studying abroadBy Kenzi Nevis | Contributor Adjusting to campus after studying abroad can be like jumping into the freezing Irish Sea in October—it’s worth it, but it takes courage. And while Taylor is one of the most welcoming communities I’ve ever been a part of, coming back is still hard. I […]

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Riot gear and jazz music

Riot gear and jazz music

Studying abroad in Cuenca, EcuadorBy: Nicole Arpin | Echo This short narrative describes an evening I experienced out on the town while studying abroad for a semester in Cuenca, Ecuador in Fall 2014. “Why aren’t there any cars?” someone asked as we walked toward Cuenca’s central park on Wednesday night. […]

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Luck of the Irish (study abroad student)

Luck of the Irish (study abroad student)

Adventures from a FISPer no credit hour can fulfillBy Kenzi Nevins | Contributor “You did what?” “Freshman year?” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard one of those phrases, I could’ve paid off my school loans by now. Which, actually, would be quite nice. The point is, […]

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Taylor Orchestra goes to Ireland

Taylor Orchestra goes to Ireland

Taylor Orchestra Goes to IrelandBy Alycia Timm | Echo While many headed to the ocean for spring break, the Taylor Symphony Orchestra flew across it, arriving in Ireland on the morning of March 25. The trip itself wasn’t easy for the group of 31 Taylor students and chaperones. Flights were […]

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A real Euro trip for Taylor Sounds

A real Euro trip for Taylor Sounds

Taylor Sounds Chamber Ensemble traveled all over Europe this spring break, teaching high school students and taking in the beauty of cities such as Prague, Budapest and Istanbul. Their experiences there impacted them, and now they are sharing the music they played this Tuesday in the Recital Hall.

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Uganda love

Uganda love

Taylor students understand the importance of being involved in the world, and studying abroad is one of many opportunities to step outside our campus. Best Semester is a study abroad program that brings students together from many different universities to live in other countries. Taylor Junior Noa Iiboshi joined Best Semester to study abroad in Uganda this semester, and shared her experiences with the Echo.

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FISP family

FISP family

Taylor’s Freshman Irish Studies Program brings first-year students to Greystones, Ireland, for their first college semester. This year’s FISPers reveal their familial bonds and describe their adjustments to life in Upland.

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