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Taylor students put the “O” in O-Group. Photo provided by Hope Jackson

O-Group Orientation

The process and people behind the scenes By Annabelle Blair | Echo Returning students arrived at Taylor a week before the first day of class to plan and pray for incoming students. For the next seven weeks, a total of seventy-two Orientation Group (O-Group) leaders and cabinet members will lead […]

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Earthquake disrupts Ecuador

Earthquake disrupts Ecuador

Taylor students share in distress for their countryBy Julia Camara | Contributor A massive earthquake shook the shores and cities of Ecuador on Saturday, tearing up motorways, destroying homes and leaving the entire country in a debilitated state. The New York Times said the 7.8-magnitude earthquake is the worst Ecuador […]

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Empty seats testify to students’ avoidance of hard issues.

Parallel universes

A world in which Taylor students engageBy Jen Shepherd | Contributor  BECCA: Is that something you believe in? JASON: Parallel universes? BECCA: Yeah. JASON: Sure. I mean, if space is infinite, which is what most scientists think, then yeah, there have to be parallel universes. “Rabbit Hole” Act II, Scene 3 […]

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Senior Ashley Young captures the Rwandan landscape.

Recording hope in Rwanda

Film students create documentary after traveling to Rwanda and Uganda By Laura Koenig | Echo The international documentary filmmaking class, along with the sociology department’s ethnic and minority issues class, traveled to Rwanda and Uganda over J-term. The film students recorded interviews with a variety of people in Rwanda for […]

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Sealing the deal

Sealing the deal

Prospectives’ perspectives on Silent NightBy Wren Haynes | Echo There’s nothing quiet about the impression Silent Night makes on prospective students. Picture this: Two thousand screaming college kids in footie pajamas and superhero costumes. And you don’t know a single one of them. Senior Hannah Guske arrived just in time to […]

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Professors struggle for enthusiasm when faced with disengaged students.

Generally unengaged

Students’ lack of interest affects the quality of gen edsBy Michael Harbin | Faculty Contributor As a Foundational Core Curriculum (FCC) professor, I read with interest “General un-education” in last week’s newspaper. In many respects I agree with the author, Bekah Swank. However, having taught FCC courses for more than […]

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Overcommitted and under pressure.

You can’t have it all

Our intentionally over-involved communityBy Jeff Grogan | Copy Editor “How have you been?” “You know, busy.” “Yeah, me too.” I’ve had this conversation countless times over the past three years. I’ve been on both sides—felt the whole range from sympathy to indifference toward the other person. Truth be told, I […]

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Church shopping: one of a freshman’s greatest challenges.

The perfect fit

Shopping for the perfect church in an imperfect worldBy Amy Gaasrud | Contributor The phrase “church shopping” is used commonly at Taylor. The idea is simple: visit different churches until you find one that suits your needs. A church shopper tries on churches like a teenage girl tries on jeans. […]

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Obama issues executive order creating a ‘student aid bill of rights’

Obama issues executive order creating a ‘student aid bill of rights’

debt, students, executive order, Obama, repayment

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A stormy start to spring semester

A stormy start to spring semester

Taylor remains open amidst winter stormBy Ally Horine | Echo When senior Miki Sir left Iowa on Sunday to return to Taylor, she did not expect having to stop and stay at a hotel in Galesburg, Ill. A winter storm that dumped 8–10 inches across the Midwest left her stranded […]

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