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Rayce Patterson and Holly Gaskill are the co-editors of the News section this year.

Meet the editors: Rayce Patterson and Holly Gaskill

Get to know the minds behind the News pageBy Victoria Lawson | Echo Freshman Holly Gaskill and junior Rayce Patterson have two things in common: they are both editors for the News section of The Echo and they both believe their hobbies and interests have prepared them for this challenging […]

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“My shoulders are being weighed down by [my] backpack. I’m thirsty. My feet are aching like I’m walking on nails…” - Sara Bergen

Humans of Taylor U

When a burrito is worth the walkBy Carly Wheeler | Contributor Senior Sara Bergen sat reflectively, pondering how to describe the pain of her lowest point on that unusually hot October day: the day she walked from Taylor to Chipotle. “My feet are ripping open and bleeding onto my white […]

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Sophomore Victoria Lawson has had to learn how to overcome the struggles that dyscalculia, a common learning disorder, brings to her daily life.

Using resources and asking for help

One student’s learning disorder storyBy Madi Turpin | Contributor Although sophomore Victoria Lawson may struggle to perform long division, she graduated high school with above a 4.0 GPA and has gotten straight As in every subject matter aside from math. This is due to Lawson’s previous diagnosis of dyscalculia: a […]

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anel Reichert poses as a student trapped in chilly Indiana for spring break.

Sometimes, spring break leaves you broken

Students share spring break horror storiesCompiled By Lauren Rink | Echo Spring break can be a time of good memories with friends or family. However, every so often, something out of the ordinary happens. Check out these stories from a few of your fellow Taylor students:   Brooke Harrison | Freshman […]

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A group of girls performs alongside their wingmates on a Wednesday night in 1986.

Seven facts about Airband history

How well do you know your Airband history?By Victoria Lawson | Echo The student body packs the Hodson Dining Commons, jostling you from all sides. An overhead speaker squeals from microphone interference. The audience is abuzz with a restless energy; the show was supposed to start 20 minutes ago and was […]

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“It was the first time that what I desired was genuinely in line with what God desired,” said Farrell.

Humans of Taylor U

Experiencing the presence of GodBy Carly Wheeler | Contributor Imagine spending a week sailing in the Caribbean, learning about God and what it means to be uncomfortable. This was what freshman Josh Farrell experienced months after graduating high school.   With ministry group Expedition 61, Farrell flew to the Caribbean and boarded […]

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Natalie Halleen always dressed up her back brace with cute outfits.

Facing the brace

The story behind “Back Brace Girl”Gracie Fairfax | Echo Coming into freshman year of college, everyone wants to figure out a way to stand out. Some put on their best outfit, while others hit the books. For junior Natalie Halleen, a back brace fit the bill. During the summer of […]

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U. F. No.

U. F. No.

“The Martian” proves that in space, no one can hear you lieBy Austin Yoder | Contributor Let’s set aside, for a moment, the fact that “The Martian”is one of the most entertaining, clever and satisfying blockbusters to come along in recent years. Let’s ignore its brilliant performances, exhilarating special effects […]

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Ebola may be covered in the news as affecting a country, but each person that lives there has his or her own story.

Despite Ebola

Many people affected by Ebola have decided to stay in areas full of disease and help fight it. This is one woman’s story of Ebola’s impact on her and her family.

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