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Students, wearing costumes for Silent Night, stay silent while they await the 10th point. (Photograph provided by Jim Garringer)

Baseline couches to national tradition

How the Silent Night tradition went from nightgowns to party gownsBy Caroline Shapley | Contributor Before the crazy outfits, storming the court when the 10th point is scored and ending the night by celebrating Holidays with the Haines, the Silent Night basketball tradition was very different. When Silent Night was […]

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Film major brings a hip-hop vibe to Silent Night

Film major brings a hip-hop vibe to Silent Night

Student to debut his music video before the gameBy Rylie Harrison | Echo You are freezing, and you’ve never been pressed up against so many strangers in crazy costumes in your life. All this for a basketball game?         Not just any basketball game.         Silent Night is one of Taylor […]

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Students suffer cold conditions to honor Taylor’s great traditions.

A Taylor Christmas

Taylor’s Christmas time includes studying for finals, but that isn’t all that happens. Open houses abound, Silent Night and Hollipalooza all happen during the last few weeks before finals end. The end of the year brings stress and a large workload but Taylor students don’t forget to have some fun before everyone heads home for the holidays.

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