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Freshman Makenzie Williams bruises her knees on Euler's spiral staircase.

Dangers of TU

A satirical look at what goes bump in the night at TaylorBy Aubree DeVisser | Echo People cross the street without looking both ways. Cars speed through stop signs. Disasters are constantly waiting to happen. Taylor University is a dangerous place, and those who walk the campus have no idea […]

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The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood

When will the madness end?By Elyse Horb | Echo   I’ve held these thoughts in for over three years, but now, as a senior, I think it’s time to speak up. It seems to me that, although we claim to hold high standards for each other according to the guidelines of the […]

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Ignorance is in style. How stylish are you? Photo provided by

Seven essential items for your ignorance starter pack

Ignorance is in style, don’t miss outBy Luke A. Wildman | Echo It’s election season, ladies and gentlemen, and you don’t have to look hard to realize that ignorance is in style right now. That said, how can you embody that style and prove your coolness to all your friends? […]

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CCCU graduates pray for each other in the face of the secular workforce.

Integration of faith and persecution

CCCU graduates suffer from lack of intentional community in the secular workforceBy Charnell Peters | Contributor Sarah Salvador, a recent graduate from Taylor, is experiencing a troubled transition into the secular workforce. She wants to minister Christ’s redemptive love and truth to a world in need, but she claims that her […]

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