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Discover modern day miracles.
(Photograph provided by Aubree DeVisser)

Exploring a life of faith and miracles

A tale of surprising salvation and relationshipBy Aubree DeVisser | Contributor “Detours to Destiny” is a fascinating memoir of Elling B. Halvorson’s life as a businessman who also strived to pursue ministry in his work. Each chapter holds unbelievable, intriguing evidence of the tenacity and integrity that Halvorson has shown throughout […]

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Dr. Carter believes that couples need to set boundaries. By Jerusha Lindsay

Stop pretending and get serious

Are you honoring your future spouse?By Zack Carter| Contributor I’m a balance between emotional feeler and logical thinker. Thus, I have a creatively analytical imagination. As a young boy, I carried one of my Dad’s old briefcases around the house, pretending to be a businessman, just like him. Stocked full […]

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Let's sit down and have an honest talk. (Photograph provided by Megan Alms)

Book embraces questions about relationships

An honest talk with honest students  By Megan Alms | Contributor An evangelical college campus is a mosaic of conflicting ideals, especially concerning sexuality. Peers at secular schools say sex is casual. Christian professors say sex is holy, but restrained. Parents say sex is prohibited altogether. The mixing of these ideals […]

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Conquering our fear of communication

Conquering our fear of communication

Good relationships require honestyBy Anna Cummings | Contributor Navigating the waters of a maybe-relationship, almost-relationship, new relationship or stale relationship can be pretty complicated around Valentine’s Day (and always!). A lack of meaningful communication can easily become a relationship’s biggest downfall, but the effects of insufficient communication are usually much […]

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So you’re interested . . .

So you’re interested . . .

‘All it takes is 10 seconds of courage’By Rae J. Kinsel | Contributor There seems to be an unspoken rule on Taylor’s campus that asking someone out automatically means committing to a lifelong relationship. I am writing to say that this is not truth. At times, there may be that […]

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Long-distance comes with its share of struggles and successes, but it can work for some couples. (Photo by Ruth Orellana-Flores)

Campus-crossed love

The rewards and struggles of long-distance datingBy Brianna Kudisch & Megan Alms | Echo & Contributor  When two love-struck students are torn apart by attending different schools, it can certainly put an end to a lot of things. It’s the end of regular face-to-face conversations; it’s the end of studying together, spending […]

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Darling, you will always be number… two

Darling, you will always be number… two

Valentine’s Day theologyBy G. Connor Salter | Contributor Eight months ago, I was in Asia with a friend of mine. We were working on a tree farm as part of a three-month mission trip. One afternoon as we sat on the porch talking, the topic turned to relationships. My friend […]

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Interacting with coworkers and making coffee shouldn’t involve condemning people.

Making coffee, not judgments

How I wrestled with the Bible and homosexualityBy Meredith Sell | Faculty Contributor When I finished at Taylor in January 2014, I had reached conclusions about what the Bible said on homosexuality. For entirely unrelated reasons, I was wrestling with my faith and wondering if I should even call myself […]

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