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The Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece is far past capacity.

Is there hope in this place?

Moria refugee camp set up to failBy Abigail Roberts | Echo I stood over a smoldering tent, gazing into the eyes of a family who once again had lost everything. “Everything, everything was in the tent,” an Afghan refugee said. “We had just used our bank card to buy our […]

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A cry for mercy from Syria

A cry for mercy from Syria

Rebel camp in Damascus still under siegeBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor Under siege since 2013, Eastern Ghouta is currently suffering from one of the heaviest attacks of Syria’s seven-year war. Eastern Ghouta is the last rebel stronghold in Damascus and is currently controlled by two main rebel factions, Faylaq al-Rahman […]

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Bree researches each story for her column, heartbeat by heartbeat. (Photograph by Ruth Flores-Orellana)

Bree’s Beat

Frozen hopeBy Bree Bailey | Contributor Frostbite covers three-year-old Sarah, leaving a large black scab across her non-smiling face. All she has known her whole life is the war raging in her home country of Syria for the past seven years. As she lays in the hospital with various tubes […]

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This year’s Greece team will be under half the size of last year’s and made up of volunteers. (Photograph provided by Paige Kennedy)

Refugee stories, choral music and 300 glasses

Meet the Athens Spring Break Trip teamBy Grace Hooley | Echo  If you need glasses, you can get them. If it works with your schedule, you can attend concerts and meaningful plays in performance venues minutes from your dorm room. Other countries may not have those luxuries. This spring, members […]

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Senior Blake Wheeler intently listens to professor Michael Jessup in the debriefing session after the two-hour refugee simulation hosted by the Sociology department and Global Outreach. (Photo by Hannah Bolds)

Experiencing the unknown

Students participate in refugee simulation By Brianna Kudisch | Echo The room is dark. You start moving up the stairs, but you stumble because you can’t see. You cautiously make your way up, avoiding setting off a landmine that threatens to end your trip before it begins. When you finally […]

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The chorale sings “Witness” for Syrian refugees in a camp outside of Drama, Greece.

15 minutes

Chorale performs at refugee camp during spring break trip to Greece  By Austin Lindner | Echo A shimmer of exhaust from the tour bus rose into the Greek night sky as 47 Taylor students piled into their vehicle. After finding their seats, the Taylor Concert Chorale quickly swapped shiny black […]

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Displaced from their homes, many Syrian refugees do not know where to turn.

States bar Syrian refugees

Twenty-six states have barred refugees from entering for fear of terror attacksBy Joseph Johns | Echo Twenty-six state governors issued statements within the last week objecting to admitting Syrian refugees into their respective states after the Parisian attacks last Wednesday. The attacks, concurrent with an ISIS video in which the […]

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