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Students are armed with Chick-Fil-A and laptops for their studying sessions. (Photograph by Halie Owens)

No, there will not be a study guide for this

Professors give students tips when preparing for examsBy Hope Bolinger | Echo  Make a Google docs study guide and collaborate. Carve out two hours at Starbucks to flip through flashcards. Scan through Quizlet and pray some gracious predecessor provided a study set for your specific class. These make up a […]

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Stronger than the average curriculum

Strengthening your core

Is your mind as tight as your abs?By Gabby Carlson | Echo There are three words college students don’t want to see on their schedules: general education courses. This is why the foundational core committee decided the required courses each Taylor student needs to graduate with were not just “general […]

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Love struck professors

Love struck professors

Romance and relationship advice from the happy couples of Taylor’s facultyBy Lindsay Robinson | Echo  It’s a familiar routine for any modern love story: the inevitable DTR and relationship update on Facebook, Instagram-perfect coffee dates, ultimately ending with a cute engagement post. But how did our beloved Taylor faculty members […]

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Professor Steve Snyder developed a method to integrate critical thinking into lesson plans

Critical learning

Professors are students, tooBy G. Connor Salter | Contributor   Professors are becoming students again by taking part in an initiative designed to better integrate critical thinking into the classroom. Three years ago, psychology professor Steve Snyder partnered with the Bedi Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence to teach strategic […]

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Professors struggle for enthusiasm when faced with disengaged students.

Generally unengaged

Students’ lack of interest affects the quality of gen edsBy Michael Harbin | Faculty Contributor As a Foundational Core Curriculum (FCC) professor, I read with interest “General un-education” in last week’s newspaper. In many respects I agree with the author, Bekah Swank. However, having taught FCC courses for more than […]

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General un-education

General un-education

Gen eds can be more discouraging than enlighteningBy Rebekah Swank | Contributor Taylor’s statement of purpose begins with “Whole Person Focused.” We attend a liberal arts school, where students have the responsibility to take a range of courses unrelated to their majors. I have enjoyed many of the classes on […]

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