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One nation under nationalism

One nation under nationalism

America isn’t a Christian nation By Savanna Sweeting | Contributor America is not a Christian nation. “We are all complicit in the injustices against basic human rights and common decency, to put it mildly, which renders our own ‘inalienable rights’ as questionable or obsolete,” says artist Sufjan Stevens in an […]

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The world is wary of North Korea, but no one wants to interfere with it. (Photograph provided by Darwinek.)

Should the world intervene in North Korea?

Volatile, dangerous and . . . unstoppable?By Wilson Alexander | Contributor North Korea is one of most well-known but least understood countries in the world. Everyone is familiar with this stretch of land on the Korean peninsula and its dictator, Kim Jong-un, but no one knows exactly what goes on […]

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Hurt’s heart

Hurt’s heart

Alum Mark Hurt shows his passion for missionsBy Katherine Yeager | Echo During a recent visit to Taylor’s campus, Mark Hurt (’85) shared his Taylor experience and heart: for missions, for ministry and for Christians in the public arena. As Hurt campaigns for U.S. Senate campaign, he hopes that the […]

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Jordan Hall saw the behind-the-scenes action of politics through his summer interning for future vice president Mike Pence. (Photo by Elyse Horb)

Politics out of public view

A student’s experience working behind-the-scenes in Mike Pence’s officeBy Brianna Kudisch | Echo People rarely see the behind-the-scenes work of politics in action, but fortunately for senior Jordan Hall, his internship at Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s office this past summer allowed him a glimpse into the reality of political work. […]

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Candidate consideration

Candidate consideration

Views on higher educationBy Joseph Johns | Echo Republican Presidential Candidates:   Donald Trump “We’re going to be cutting tremendous amounts of waste and fraud and abuse . . . but not services” – Trump in reference to a question of whether he would cut programs “I may cut Department of Education—Common […]

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Voting is hard. Do it anyway.

We’re hiring a president

Turn out for whatBy Rosie Newman | Contributor   I know as much about politics as the next person. I’ve kept up with the election and try to make time every day to read the news, yet I often feel a little lost in the political game around me. It […]

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The majority of millennials show little interest in politics.

Does anyone really care?

Why politics should matter to millennialsBy G. Connor Salter | Contributor We have a problem in our generation. I know that’s been said before, and it sounds tired, but stay with me for a minute: millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) neither trust politicians nor care about the political sphere. […]

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