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The world is wary of North Korea, but no one wants to interfere with it. (Photograph provided by Darwinek.)

Should the world intervene in North Korea?

Volatile, dangerous and . . . unstoppable?By Wilson Alexander | Contributor North Korea is one of most well-known but least understood countries in the world. Everyone is familiar with this stretch of land on the Korean peninsula and its dictator, Kim Jong-un, but no one knows exactly what goes on […]

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Why are millennials leaving the church? It’s not because of our church buildings. (Photograph provided by Luke A. Wildman)

What’s the Church really saying to young people?

We have lots of programs—but what are we saying with them?By G. Connor Salter | Contributor If effort is the only measure of success in the Church’s attempts to reach millennials, then the Church is doing great. There are plenty of youth group programs dedicated to reaching young people. Christian […]

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Taylor University has more students and less parking than ever before. (Photograph provided by Luke Wildman)

Parking up the wrong tree

Students and faculty express frustrations with parkingBy Hope Bolinger | Copy Editor Try this experiment: place 10 tired students in a large football stadium with 10 chairs. Place some seats in far corners of the field and make the weary souls walk a great distance. Squish others together, tightening the space […]

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Photograph by Halie Owens. Rugby players (R to L) Aaron Hussey, Eric Castigila, Samuel Thomas, Caleb Mackintosh, Juyeong Jeong, Michael Snyder practice despite not being sponsored by Taylor.

Not just for sport

Rugby deserves to be a J.V. teamBy Matthew Csakai | Contributor It is difficult to see the soccer program getting a junior varsity team when the rugby team is still waiting to get its varsity designation. Taylor’s rugby athletes are highly committed to their game, putting in hours of work even […]

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Graphic illustrated by Ian Proano. Poem by Matthew Storrer.

Slowing down

Is poetry still relevant in a fast-paced world?By Matthew Storrer | Contributor A week or so ago, I was walking out to my car on some errand or another when I passed by a group of men heading in the opposite direction. I couldn’t help but overhear some of their […]

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Photograph provided by Kelsey Baker.  Kids stick with Basics because of leaders like Kelsey Baker, pictured at right.

Back to the basics

UCC’s Basics doesn’t only minister to church kidsBy Kelsey Baker | Contributor I got smacked with a dodgeball again. I’m a prime target in the weekly dodgeball game at Upland Community Church’s (UCC) Basics program. For one thing, I have no discernable athletic skill, so I can’t retaliate. For another, I’m […]

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Image provided by National Archives and Records Administration

Free speech isn’t free

Not everything that can be said should be saidBy Marshall Oppel | Contributor Political correctness. Censorship. Being a decent human being. Violating our First Amendment rights. The topic of political correctness is a fairly heated one. On the one hand, we have a group of people who want to tailor our […]

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Photograph by Elyse Horb. Pictured: education majors Lauren Moreland, left, and Elyse Horb, right, discuss standardized testing.

Double standards

Standardized tests hurt critical thinkingBy Jessica Wise & Lauren Moreland | Contributors Jessica Wise is an English education major and Lauren Moreland is a math education major. Both are seniors. Standardized testing is a necessary evil. Some educators believe academic standards are unrealistic nuisances, though others believe they are essential […]

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Photograph by Hannah Bolds

Quit faking it

Fake news is eroding our trust in truthBy Becca Robb | Co-Editor in Chief “I don’t know what to believe with all this fake news right now,” my friend said with a shrug. “You just can’t trust the media.” Her words stung—I am the media. But fake news is tearing […]

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Managing stereotypes in storytelling is key.


When do stereotypes in movies become harmful?By Rebekah Hardwicke | Contributor Film director D.W. Griffith is known for transforming cinema with groundbreaking technical advances. In addition, he is perhaps the best example of an artist who used harmful stereotypes in movies. His film “The Birth of a Nation” (1915) is credited by […]

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