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Dean's iconic image - seemingly far from his true self. (Photograph provided by Pixabay)

Laughter without a cause

The joy of James Dean off-screenBy Katherine Yeager | Echo “We better not go that way again,” young James “Jimmy” Dean said to his cousin Eula Davis after the two narrowly escaped a swarm of bees. The two only children had taken a pony ride in the land surrounding Dean’s […]

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Managing stereotypes in storytelling is key.


When do stereotypes in movies become harmful?By Rebekah Hardwicke | Contributor Film director D.W. Griffith is known for transforming cinema with groundbreaking technical advances. In addition, he is perhaps the best example of an artist who used harmful stereotypes in movies. His film “The Birth of a Nation” (1915) is credited by […]

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Discover which movie you should watch on Valentine's Day. (Graphic by Becca Eis)

Rom-Coms for every type of Valentine’s Day

What movie should you watch this Valentine’s Day?By  Kelsea Denney | Contributor What does your relationship with Valentine’s Day say about which Rom-Com you should watch this season? “I love love!”: If you find yourself purposefully wearing pink on February 14 and wishing that giving valentine cards at age 18 […]

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The closed house

The closed house

Finding zen after the open houseBy Chrysa Keenon | Echo The aux cord is unplugged. The last crumbs of food are grabbed by passersby or by members of the wing. While strings of lights dangle, waiting to be relieved, the last few visitors filter out the doors. Open house are […]

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Christian movie madness

Christian movie madness

The good, the bad and the uglyBy Rebekah Hardwicke | Contributor As a film major, I try to see the benefit of different genres and styles of movies. Christian films are unique in that everyone recognizes when they have seen one but no one can comprehensively define what they are. After […]

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(Graphic by Becca Eis) TSO chooses a mix of blockbusters and independent films for The Gaslight Film Series.

Gaslights and movie nights

TSO creates film seriesBy Laura Koenig | Echo Taylor students and community members enjoy cozy weekend movie nights with new releases. The Taylor Student Organization (TSO) created the Gaslight Film Series with movies ranging from blockbusters such as “Finding Dory” to acclaimed independent films such as “Midnight Special.” The series […]

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Money movies

Money movies

Grading the summer’s box office hitsBy Austin Linder | Echo This summer on the silver screen, Tom Cruise saved the world for the 86th time while California broke in half for the first. While over 50 films hit theatres between May and August, only a few were able to rack […]

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Has Christianity gone Hollywood?

Has Christianity gone Hollywood?

From a depiction of Jesus’ life to a student defending his faith to a Noah not afraid to get his hands dirty, this is the year of Christian films. With four films falling under the category so far this year and more to come, it seems that Hollywood has decided to finally take notice of Christianity. But are they catering to the demographic or exploiting it?

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‘Divergent’ film: better than the book

‘Divergent’ film: better than the book

Watching the movie adaptation of a book can be nerve-wracking for fans, but “Divergent” surpasses expectations.

by · April 8, 2014 · 1 comment · Arts & Entertainment
‘Noah’ bobs around but ultimately floats

‘Noah’ bobs around but ultimately floats

Forget Noah building an “arky-arky.” This Noah is mad, mad, mad at those who disobeyed God, and he shows it. While definitely taking liberties with the story, the new film “Noah” always points back to God in its deviations. It’s a visually astounding, well-acted and thought-provoking piece of cinema that reinvents the biblical epic. And it definitely has people’s attention.

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