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Are you salivating for something a little out of the ordinary? Try a bite at the Global Market. (Graphic by Becca Eis)

Global Market recipes

Check out this recipes and try a bite at the Global Market.Shrimp Ecuadorian Ceviche Ceviche is a popular seafood dish typically made with raw fish cured in citrus juice and spiced. Start to finish: 30 minutes Recipe provided by Carolina Ortiz and Ruben Bedon Ingredients 2 red onions, sliced thinly 2 […]

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Students to venture back to “Pangea” for Mosaic Night

Students to venture back to “Pangea” for Mosaic Night

MESA President, Jerchovia Moxey reveals details about upcoming Mosaic Night and Global Market events

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Clau Viscarra and Dan Saldi lead the audience in a popular Brazilian dance entitled “Latin Beats.” (Photograph by Mel Kerigan)

A journey home

Intercultural students join together to celebrate their home cultures on Mosaic Night. The event begins with a Global Market, featuring food from around the world. Afterward, students will educate their classmates and friends about their homes through creative performances.

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