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Christians currently make up 4% of the total population of Jordan, 95% of Jordanians are Muslim. (Photograph provided by Abigail Roberts)

From the birthplace of Christ to martyrs’ ground

The story of Christians in the modern Middle EastBy:  Abigail Roberts | Contributor In the 20th century, Christians made up over 10 percent of the Middle East, today that number has dropped to less than 5 percent. Factors such as emigration, growing religious intolerance and persecution play significant roles in […]

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Traditional glassblowers of the Middle East

Traditional glassblowers of the Middle East

A fiery artistry still burning strongBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor I was seven years old when I first visited a glassblowing workshop. Hidden away among the twisting and turning alleyways of Old Damascus, Syria, sat a centuries-old brick building. I sat for an hour mesmerized as the artisans inside took […]

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Israel and Palestine are a cultural hub for many religions. (Photograph provided by Abigail Roberts)

Introducing the 700-year-old Christians of the Holy Land

The personal account of a Palestinian ChristianBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor Palestinian Arab Christians trace their history back to the day of Pentecost. It may seem odd to see the words Arab and Christian side by side. Yet, today, over 160,000 Christians remain in Palestine/Israel, many of whom live in […]

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Each Middle East prayer group meeting focuses on a different country. This week, the group gathered around the Keffieh and focused on Tunisia.

Around the Keffieh

A Middle East-focused prayer group launches on campusBy Katherine Yeager | Echo Every Wednesday from 9—10 p.m., a group of students meet in the Memorial Prayer Chapel to pray for a different nation in the Middle East. The group was formed this semester by sophomore Abigail Roberts who leads the […]

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(L to R) Seniors Savanna Sweeting and Yuna Seo. “The reason we believe stereotypes is because we don’t know much about (the people),” MECA Co-Leader Seo said (photo by Becca Robb).

It’s pronounced “Mecca”

MECA cabinet to inform campus about the Middle EastBy Becca Robb | Echo Students met Monday to revive the Middle Eastern Collegiate Association (MECA), a cabinet striving to engage with Middle Eastern culture, politics and religion. MECA hopes to host local Muslims at panel discussions and give students a chance to pose […]

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