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Alyssa tries to help us make it through finals so we can get to Christmas.

How to Use the University Library

The Dos and Don’ts of ZondervanBy Alyssa Roat | Echo Have you ever visited Zondervan Library? Some might answer, “Yes, I live there.” Some may never have stepped foot within its bookish doors. However, for veteran and newbie alike, there’s plenty to learn about how to use the library properly. […]

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Junior Piper Nicholson peacefully browses the shelves.

The library is a sacred space for students

Library disruptions hinder studyingAlyssa Roat | Echo What is a library for?     Your first response probably wouldn’t be camping.     Or basketball games. Or pillow fights.     Yet, as a research assistant at Zondervan Library, I have witnessed all three take place.     Taylor’s campus is full of life. The dorms are filled with […]

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A mascot of sorts sits atop a work table in the Center for the Study of C.S. Lewis and Friends.
Photo by Trevor Osswald.

Through the wardrobe to Upland’s Narnia

Taylor’s Brown collection celebrates great Christian writersBy Emily Pawlowski | Echo Through the library doors, down the stairs and around a corner is one of Taylor University’s hidden treasures.   One side of this room is lined with row after row of aged books. On the other stands a perfect replica […]

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Senior Kristen Miyakawa poses in front of her artwork. (Photograph provided by Kristen Miyakawa)

Why the words? The mysterious word panels revealed

The inspiration behind the projectBy Elizabeth Carrier | Staff Writer Almost everyone wandering around campus this semester has inevitably walked past the giant four panels of black words on a white background outside of the library. Many students are intrigued by this project, but want to know more about what it’s […]

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Zondervan Library doubles as an art gallery

Zondervan Library doubles as an art gallery

Where does all the old art go?By Andrew Hoff | Echo When Dan Bowell was hired as Director of Taylor University’s Zondervan Library in October 2000, the walls were lined with commercial art, vaguely resembling a doctor’s office. 17 years later, Zondervan Library is home to one of the most […]

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Provided by David Stumpf

A walk in the park

Gas City library offers a free Indiana state parks pass until Dec. 31stBy Hope Bolinger | Echo Entering a state park for free is just a library card swipe away. Celebrating Indiana’s state park centennial last year, libraries and state parks across Indiana partnered up and sent 240 park passes […]

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Searching for answers

Searching for answers

Students encouraged to embark on a research quest By Peyton Smith | Echo Zondervan Library is launching Finding Alexandria, a new undergraduate research competition aiming to inspire applicants to pursue their interests. The goal of the competition is to encourage participants to become familiar with and utilize library resources. Finding […]

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Study soundtracks

Study soundtracks

Must-have albums for your semester playlistAustin Lindner | Echo With fall semester on the horizon, it’s becoming more and more clear that the season for beach anthems and breezy radio hits is coming to an end. Yes, Demi Lovato, summer is over and no, you’re no longer “cool for it.” […]

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Dead phones are no more

Dead phones are no more

Zondervan Library continues to make strides towards electronically connecting students by providing a charging station for phones and tablets.

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