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Taylor University’s Kinesiology Department is offering a new major called human physiology and preventative medicine. 
Photo by Kassie Joviak

‘Prevention is really our best medicine’

New Human Physiology and Preventative Medicine majorBy Lily Smith | Contributor The human physiology and preventive medicine major has recently made its debut at Taylor University. The marriage of knowledge of human physiology and practical preventative medicine can prepare students in a unique way to pursue various careers in healthcare. […]

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Sophomore Chad Veal enjoys the spring weather by running around Vayhinger Loop.

Students benefit from long distance running

They are not so crazy after allBy Drew Shriner| Echo Speakers often use running stories to illustrate an important point of their speech. The comparison of people being crazy to run is often heard, garnering polite chuckles from audiences nationwide. However, many do enjoy long-distance running. Even more shockingly, most […]

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Opinion: The word we are all afraid to say

Opinion: The word we are all afraid to say

It might as well be a curse word hereBy Rylie Harrison | Contributor The silence is heavy. You can practically smell the silent judgement as your wingmate walks away. You said it, the one word that might as well be a swear word on Taylor’s campus: no. We have all […]

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Put your money where your mouth is

Put your money where your mouth is

Practical ways to a healthier lifestyleBy Keely Krebs | Contributor The facts: we’re in college, and we like food. And, for those of us who have a smaller meal plan, when we don’t go to the Dining Commons or LaRita Boren Campus Center, eating out is a reflex at this […]

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Should health insurance be a priority?

Should health insurance be a priority?

Professionals emphasize the need for young adults to get insuredBy Laura Koenig | Echo Adulting. It includes jobs, bills, houses, cars and insurance. Part of this “real world” experience is sorting through employer benefit packages, including health insurance. These days, news outlets constantly report on health insurance as Congress debates […]

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Bringing health home

Bringing health home

Lalrin Pari’s dream to improve health care in Burma By Becca Robb | Echo  She arrived in America seven years ago with $50 and a dream to improve health care in her village of Khampat, Burma. Now, 23-year-old Lalrin Pari has a full-ride scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates […]

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Excused absences for the sick should not give students headaches.

Too many excuses

Taylor students find the excused absence policy tediousBy Hope Bolinger | Copy Editor It’s six on a Sunday night. Stomach pains and cold sweats attack a student in her dorm room. She hobbles to her computer and researches the number for the Upland Health & Diagnostics Center. But they’re only open […]

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Health Center Pharmacy

Pharmacy opens at Health Center

Students can buy meds across the streetBy Annabelle Blair | Contributor     After closing in November 2013, the Upland Healthcare Pharmacy across the street from Taylor reopened at the beginning of 2016 and has resurfaced as a fully functional operation. Driving into Gas City to pick up prescriptions or walking a […]

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Though some panicked about rumoured whooping cough cases at Taylor, only two students have been diagnosed.


Cases of whooping cough surface after students traveled abroadBy Becca Robb | Echo Two students who took the Italian Cultural Legacy Honors trip over J-term returned stateside with an unexpected souvenir—whooping cough. Whooping cough (known medically as pertussis) is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. […]

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