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(Graphic by Liam Brettenny)

Multiplayer video games build community

The personal side of video gamesBy Tim Pietz | Contributor I come from a competitive family. By “competitive,” I mean when my dad taught me chess at age five, he would beat me and rub it in my face. Naturally, my brothers and I are pretty intense when it comes to […]

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(Graphic by Liam Brettenny)

North American gaming team makes history

Cloud9’s “League of Legends” victoryBy Elijah Oates | Contributor The last time a professional, North American (NA) “League of Legends” team made it to the semifinals of the world championship was… never. It seemed almost like a curse. An NA team made the quarterfinals nearly every year, but always fell to […]

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(Graphic by Liam Brettenny)

Are video games are a waste of time or not?

Looking at video games as an art formBy Carson Jacobs | Contributor “You have five more minutes before I make you get off the Nintendo!” Almost any person who has invested time in the wonderful hobby of video games has heard this statement coming from their mother at one point or […]

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(Graphic by Liam Brettenny)

Don’t throw the game controller away: Get a Life

Is getting angry at video games okay?By Elijah Oates | Contributor Scenario: you are about to win your first “Fortnite” game. There’s one other player left. You have a full loadout, most of it legendary. Your materials are maxed. The other guy is a no-skin. You can’t possibly lose. You engage, […]

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Learn how can a video game teach you lessons about life with (L to R) Tim Pietz, Elijah Oates, Carson Jacobs and Sam Guinsatao in their monthly gaming column.  (Photograph provided by Megan Alms)

Fear of failure defeated one death at a time

Video game teaches life lessonsBy Elijah Oates | Contributor “You died.” Any player of “Dark Souls” — a 2011 release from FromSoftware — will see those two words often. The game takes place in a fantasy world full of sprawling forests, beautiful castles and hellish caverns. The object is simple: explore […]

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Creative coding

Creative coding

By Laura Koenig | Echo With the help of excessive amounts of caffeine, pizza, soda and snacks, Taylor students will create video games from scratch during the computer science department’s annual GameJam on Oct. 6–8. GameJam will start on Thursday, Oct. 6 at 6 p.m. in Euler. The event will […]

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Stop playing your favorite games and start creating them

Please play games in class

Computer science and engineering department implements new systems course, and it’s all fun and gamesBy Brecken Mumford | Contributor Taylor has introduced a “Game Studies” course on Tuesday nights from 6-9 p.m. this semester. Jon Denning, a computer science and engineering (CSE) professor at Taylor, and T.R. Knight, director of […]

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The ‘Destiny’ of FPS games

The ‘Destiny’ of FPS games

“Destiny,” the latest game by the makers of Halo is introducing a new type of gaming, a “shared world shooter.” This is revolutionizing the video game industry. What will be next?

by · May 13, 2014 · 0 comments · Science & Tech