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Finals week encouragement from professors

Finals week encouragement from professors

Need to power through this week?Compiled by Lauren Rink | Echo   Dr. Jeff Cramer: Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering It’s important to remember that whether you nailed it or bombed it, this semester does not define you. I’m sure you flourished and floundered. It’s a journey and this semester […]

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Alyssa tries to help us make it through finals so we can get to Christmas.

Taylor University survival guide: How to survive finals

Ending the year with Christmas cheerBy Alyssa Roat | Contributor  Christmas lights glimmer. Open houses abound. The smell of hot cocoa and peppermint wafts through the air as Christmas carols drift from the Smith-Hermanson Music Center. It’s that time of year again. FINALS. For many, “Jingle Bells” and gingerbread might […]

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Students are armed with Chick-Fil-A and laptops for their studying sessions. (Photograph by Halie Owens)

No, there will not be a study guide for this

Professors give students tips when preparing for examsBy Hope Bolinger | Echo  Make a Google docs study guide and collaborate. Carve out two hours at Starbucks to flip through flashcards. Scan through Quizlet and pray some gracious predecessor provided a study set for your specific class. These make up a […]

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(Photograph provided by Need some help studying? Try listening to these classical melodies.

Focused study sessions

Taylor’s music department gives study music suggestions By JoAnn Rediger | Faculty Contributor “Research supports the idea that listening to classical music while studying can enhance learning and concentration. Film scores are also an excellent source of music to listen to while studying. Thank you to the 9 a.m. Art […]

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Break loose

Break loose

Ordinary can be so easy; being extraordinary takes a little bit moreBy Adam Wright | Contributor Two years ago, I made a crazy decision. It was the end of the fall semester, and one of my best friends looked at me and said we should drive somewhere. Confused, I asked […]

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