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Photo by Tim Hudson

Local filmmakers demonstrate their projects

Nine student films to see at Envision 2019By Emily Pawlowski | Echo “I think Envision is great because it is a chance for the rest of campus to see why film majors can disappear for days on end during the semester,” Tyler Kempton (’18) said. The Envision Film Festival is […]

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After 800 hours, “Film School Africa” can be shown to the public. (Provided by Nathan Pfaff and Andrew Paul Davis)

From Africa to Indiana, discover the heart of film

Alumni screen films at Heartland Film FestivalBy Gabby Carlson | Echo Taylor graduates Andrew Paul Davis (’18) and Nathan Pfaff (’14) will be featured on the big screen this month. Their films, “Palace” and “Film School Africa” were accepted and will be shown at the Indiana based Heartland Film Festival three […]

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Future film stars get their first taste of success at Envision Film Festival. (Photograph provided by Kathy Bruner)

It is time to ‘Envision’ the future possibilities of Taylor filmmakers

Taylor students produce stellar filmsBy Elizabeth Hartmann | Echo The lights dim. The audience holds a collective breath as the films start rolling. This was the expectant atmosphere during the screenings of student films during the Envision Film Festival on Friday, March 2. The large audience was held captive as […]

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(L to R) Sophomore Michael Granata, senior Andrew Paul Davis, senior Cam Glass, junior Matt Nguyen and senior Matt Anderson work on “The Fall of ’69”.  (Photograph provided by Elyse Horb)

Narratives behind the films

Seniors work to finish their narrative film projects before screeningBy Kelsea Denney | Contributor What has been the most enjoyable part of this project so far? What has been the hardest? Lincoln Reed: The most enjoyable part of this project has been working with talented people who are passionate about telling […]

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The team concentrates on their Elvis impersonators in “The Kings.”

Behind the narrative

Film majors create short films for classBy Laura Koenig | Echo Film and media production majors combined their skills to produce original narrative films with topics ranging from Elvis impersonators to virtual reality. Four groups of juniors and seniors experienced the entire filmmaking process starting with scriptwriting and ending with […]

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Deck the box office

Deck the box office

A guide to the holiday’s big releasesBy Austin Lindner | Echo With students out of school and vacations beginning, the holiday season is a crucial time at the box office. When your options for holiday viewing range from a Christmas monster to the history of the Miracle Mop, it can […]

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Praying for originality

Praying for originality

“War Room” breaks box office with Christian clichés By Hannah Schaefer | Contributor When I first saw “War Room,” it was a 2 p.m. showing on a Monday afternoon and I was the only person there under 40 years old. I think that sums up the experience accurately.     From […]

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Money movies

Money movies

Grading the summer’s box office hitsBy Austin Linder | Echo This summer on the silver screen, Tom Cruise saved the world for the 86th time while California broke in half for the first. While over 50 films hit theatres between May and August, only a few were able to rack […]

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Has Christianity gone Hollywood?

Has Christianity gone Hollywood?

From a depiction of Jesus’ life to a student defending his faith to a Noah not afraid to get his hands dirty, this is the year of Christian films. With four films falling under the category so far this year and more to come, it seems that Hollywood has decided to finally take notice of Christianity. But are they catering to the demographic or exploiting it?

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