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In Selma, Alabama, the group’s first stop of the day was the Edmund Pettus Bridge which was named after a white supremacist. Martin Luther King Jr. led supporters down this bridge three times in a march for the right to vote. (Photograph provided by Felicia Case)

Civil Rights trip makes national history

Faculty members awarded for 24th annual Civil Rights tourBy Kassidy Hall | Echo In November of 2017, students and faculty traveled to various parts of the country for a Civil Rights tour. The trips have been regularly organized for over 20 years, but have never been recognized with an award […]

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Before they met in a church, Kingdom Life met in Bill Heth’s home.The home group grew tremendously, which was partial reason for finding a new building location. (Photograph provided by Tyler Dresbach)

Father and son duo plant local church

How Kingdom Life evolved from intimate meetings of Taylor and Indiana Wesleyan students to Sunday night congregationsBy Kassidy Hall | Echo When Bill Heth, professor of biblical studies, received a call from his son James in California, Bill was amazed to hear James announce he was moving back home to […]

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Assistant Professor of Art Jeremie Riggleman’s “Zoo of Lusts” falls 
into the artistic category of kitsch, which he finds to be ironically beautiful. (Photograph provided by Jeremie Riggleman)

Animal associations

A look at Professor Jeremie Riggleman’s artistic styleBy Becca Eis | Echo Think of a fox. Words that come to mind might be sly, cunning and swift, but where do the associations between this animal and these characteristics come from? The answer to that question is explored in Assistant Professor […]

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The Christmas light show road trip map

The Christmas light show road trip map

Enjoy the light shows nearest to Taylor UniversityBy Braden Ochs | Echo Need a cheerful, Christmas de-stress activity? Try visiting all the Christmas light shows around East Central Indiana. First stop, there will be the Walkway of Lights on a three mile stretch by the Mississinewa River. Next will include […]

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Students, wearing costumes for Silent Night, stay silent while they await the 10th point. (Photograph provided by Jim Garringer)

Baseline couches to national tradition

How the Silent Night tradition went from nightgowns to party gownsBy Caroline Shapley | Contributor Before the crazy outfits, storming the court when the 10th point is scored and ending the night by celebrating Holidays with the Haines, the Silent Night basketball tradition was very different. When Silent Night was […]

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Professor Dale Keller’s 1983 Chevrolet El Camino shines brightly in the sun awaiting a driver. (Photograph provided by Dale Keller)

Driving through life

Exploring the hobby life of professor Dale KellerBy Kassidy Hall | Contributor Dale Keller, co-chair of the communication department and a professor in communication, bought his first car when he was 13 years old. With a laugh, he explained that he worked on it for three years so that when […]

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The Branch coffee shop warmly welcomes any who enter within open hours. (Photograph by Becca Eis)

The Branch: More than just coffee dates

The Branch, a local coffee shop in Fairmount, explores what it means to blend coffee with ministryBy Becca Eis | Echo When writing on his experience with coffee bars in Milan, Italy, Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO, said, “I was taken by the power that savoring a simple cup of […]

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A fallen power line is one of the many damages in Puerto Rico done by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. (Photograph provided by Widaly Martinez)

Students reflect on Puerto Rican crisis

How the ongoing blackout is impacting the rest of the U.S. including those on campusBy Kassidy Hall | Contributor Gas is scarce. The power is out. Homes are forced to survive off of a generator. These are the current conditions described by junior Kristina Rivera of her great grandmother, cousins […]

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Professor Ed Meadors poses with his tree farm that he has been growing for almost 20 years. (Photograph by Ellie Bookmyer)

Walking in a wooded wonderland

How Ed Meadors began his own forestBy Becca Eis | Echo Many Taylor students will say they appreciate the beauty of trees in the fall, but trees hold a special place in the heart of Ed Meadors, professor of biblical studies. Meadors began his own tree farm in 2008 after acquiring […]

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For the old building, Taylor is seeking ideas for potential uses of the space. (Photo by Riley Hochstetler)

Trusting God at blank slates

UMC entering into a new buildingBy Grace Hooley | Echo Stacks of chairs line the halls of the new Upland United Methodist Church (UMC) building, symbolizing the people that will soon fill them. It’s an empty room with a wooden stage on one end. It’s not a cold, lifeless space; […]

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