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Discover modern day miracles.
(Photograph provided by Aubree DeVisser)

Exploring a life of faith and miracles

A tale of surprising salvation and relationshipBy Aubree DeVisser | Contributor “Detours to Destiny” is a fascinating memoir of Elling B. Halvorson’s life as a businessman who also strived to pursue ministry in his work. Each chapter holds unbelievable, intriguing evidence of the tenacity and integrity that Halvorson has shown throughout […]

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Drew Shriner poses with his crocs for his column "Croc Thoughts"

Croc Thoughts

One student’s thought on faith impactBy Drew Shriner | Staff Writer Hello, friends, and welcome to Croc Thoughts. This is the first installment of a new bi-weekly column. In this space, I hope to offer a few thoughts about a question that I am being challenged by. More specifically, I […]

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The Indianapolis Power and Light Company building shows its patriotism.

Our View: Should Christians vote?

How faith works at the pollsEditorial Board | Echo The United States holds a unique position. Few modern countries have held to democratic values like this nation for the past two hundred years, while protecting its citizens right to vote. Yet the polls remain unattended by many. The Pew Research […]

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Juniors Aiden Bailey, Dan Burson, and Drew LeFever bond over a sporting event.

Fandom impacts Taylor’s community

Sports can build relationships or prevent them from growingBy Drew Shriner | Echo It’s fall. Classes are getting in full swing, students are developing friendships and, coincidentally, professional football, basketball, soccer and hockey all begin their seasons. Within dorms, more and more time is devoted to watching gifted athletes compete. […]

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Student Justin Chapman shares his internship experience.

Secular environment grows faith

A student’s internship strengthens his beliefsBy Justin Chapman | Contributor This summer, I interned with The Times of Noblesville, located in downtown Noblesville, Indiana. This is the first time I worked in a non-Christian environment. In high school I mowed lawns and never worked anywhere else outside of Taylor University’s […]

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Zelda searches for answers through prayer. (Photograph provided by Wikimedia)

Faith meets ‘Legend of Zelda’ in prayer

How a video game prayer mirrors our ownBy Derek Thompson | Faculty Contributor If you haven’t played “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and are still reading this, I am about to spoil it. In most “Legend of Zelda” games, Link is the hero on his way to rescue […]

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Rice Bell Tower burns out

Rice Bell Tower burns out

The light no longer shinesBy Donna Downs | Faculty Contributor Up beyond the village border, Pointing in the air, Stands her tower seen far distant When the day is fair. (Taylor School Song) Perhaps the only phrase heard more at Taylor University than “intentional community” is “integration of faith and […]

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Jesse Brown, dean of students, checks on his bees’ development. Brown currently observes two hives of his own. (Photograph provided by Jesse Brown)

Passion for pollination

Jesse Brown connects beekeeping and faithBy Erica Morman & Becca Eis | Echo For most, honeybees evoke fear, but for Dean of Students Jesse Brown, the contrary occurs. Brown began beekeeping in the spring of 2016 after reading a book titled “A Beekeeper’s Lament.” This book covered the stories of […]

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Faith and film

Faith and film

One student’s take on art consumptionDrew Shriner | Echo During chapel on March 2, Josh Larsen accurately claimed that Christians have the ability to watch “secular” films through a Christian lens–as prayers. Some would take it a step further: Christians not only have the ability to watch film, but a responsibility […]

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Don't forget about your true Rock when you're rocking your body at the gym.

Faithfully fit

One professor’s view on spirituality and the bodyBy Rayce Patterson | Echo Prepare for a crowded KSAC this month. The beginning of March is traditionally the busiest time of the year for the gym, according to Matt Renfrow, associate professor of kinesiology, as students are trying to slim down for […]

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